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Discussion in 'Events' started by Sakurann, Feb 1, 2019.

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  1. Sakurann

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    May 25, 2017
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    Format IGN:
    (In-game name)
    Theme: (Write either of the 3 themes you’re using for your letter)
    Letter: (Please use a link for your letter or put it in a spoiler, google doc or something which we are able to view without flooding the thread.)


    1 • Someone who has influenced you in life

    2 • Use the following four words somewhere in your letter: “Love, happiness, joy, memory

    3 • Poetry of love

    In order to compete you must follow these rules:

    • You must’ve written the letter yourself, plagiarism will not be tolerated, and try to avoid letters too similar to other existing submissions.

    • Please don’t include any gory or inappropriate topics in your letter.

    • Stick to the theme you’ve chosen, don’t suddenly go off writing about the Illuminati.

    • One submission per person, and it must be written by one user.

    • The story must’ve been written between the 1st and 14th of February.

    • You can only submit one piece of work for yourself, meaning you cannot submit multiple letters or a friends letter.

    • All PZ forum rules apply: .

    Failure to follow the rules will result in immediate disqualification from the competition.

    - PZ Event Team
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  2. KinqOfTheClouds

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    Jul 16, 2016
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    IGN: (In-game name)
    Theme: 1 • Someone who has influenced you in life
    Dear Diary,
    I can still remember the day I met her. I couldn't believe the day finally came. I've been waiting patiently for a while now. She hugged me and I cried. Her eyes were the first thing I noticed. They were green but not particularly pretty. Just a dull, dirty green. Beautiful yet ugly. Her smile was something else. She didn't have especially straight teeth, and there were a few fillings at the back, but why does that matter? She's perfect in every way. She's reasonable and intelligent yet fierce and irrational. She's responsible, inspirational and hard-working, yet a comedic and sarcastic figure. There's nothing you couldn't love and nothing you could forget. It seems quite ironic that such a wonderful person could bring you into a world full of hatred.
    August 9th, 2004. That's the day that will go down in my history, our history. I will never forget the day that I met my mother.

    Acceptance. That's what she taught me. Not just accepting others, but accepting myself. Be yourself. That's the main lesson, isn't it?
    "What's the point in mirroring others? They don't decide your future, you do."
    She taught me things no school could teach me. She doesn't care about what your opinions are, as long as they are your own opinions. She lifts you up, instead of dragging you down. She accepts you for what you are, as long as you treat others with kindness. She doesn't care about herself in the same way that she cares about others. She can keep your secrets locked away for an eternity. There are so many words in the English language, yet it's hard to find the perfect word to describe her.
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  3. tazling

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    Dec 2, 2017
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    • IGN: tazling
    • Theme: 3 (Poetry of Love)
    • Letter:
      Love is funny,
      • It can make you do funny things.
        It makes everything so fuzzy,
        Sometimes though, it stings.

        You spend nights thinking,
        About when they will appear.
        But you are just sinking,
        And wanting to disappear

        Then you meet her,
        You feel so happy.
        Heart beating like a drum
        Then you say something sappy.

        You love her
        Everything is Going right.
        Now last year was a just Blur.
        Everything about her is a Sight.

        She decides to say goodbye,
        She said, you were toxic.
        Though, all there was, was a blue sky.
        All this is ironic.

        Love is crazy.
        It’s there and it's gone.
        It can be a little shaky.
        Love is like a pawn.

        It’s your turn!
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  4. Chrissy

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    Jan 9, 2016
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    IGN: chriissy
    Theme: poetry
    Fluttering like a butterfly
    as beautiful as the sky

    changing ever so drastically
    as it goes on forever

    but yet in complete silence

    You forget about pain,
    sorrow and the dark,
    stormy nights that cover

    you in a blanket of
    shrouding clouds, blinded

    in a tint of shame.

    But them.
    a sunrise on the beach,
    an escape from this life.

    ombre pink clouds surrounding
    a beautiful piano, playing

    so softly, calming

    crisp cold air as you
    take your first breathe.

    startling and beautiful,
    an impulse of emotion illuminating

    from each second passing.
    No tears, no pain, just them

    Love, wondrous thing,
    sitting above soft clouds

    acquiescent, filled with joy
    as you could jump at any moment
    and float into a sea of bliss,

    Dangerous seas, crashing against
    the rigid rocks made of agony
    transmogrify into a warm summers

    night, hugging you in a bundle of
    ecstatic delight

    A companion at your side,
    to ease the struggles, to embrace

    you and calm you,
    To love you and cherish you
    to acknowledge you

    To stand on a cloud,
    and willingly jump, to feel

    weightless as a feather
    and take a leap of blind faith

    to put trust into anothers hand
    at the extent for love

    L'amour entoure tout
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  5. APotatooo

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    Jun 18, 2018
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    IGN: ThiccTato
    Theme: #2
    My Love,
    You've shown me who I am. You've shown me the joy of being myself. How every memory I make trying to be someone else isn't really a memory of mine, but of someone else. You've given me happiness and made sure I'm alright in all the times we've been through together. Even when I'm falling apart you still love me and I still love you. So I write you this love letter to make sure you know you're kind, loving, and everything to me.
    Love From,
    Your Love
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  6. Jxliee

    Jxliee Guest

    IGN: AJules
    Theme: Use the following four words somewhere in your letter: “Love, happiness, joy, memory
    À mon meilleur ami,

    It was as if I had never been alive until I met you, your voice caresses my shattered heart in which you’ve begun to heal. Just speaking to you causes me to get nervous, I’m scared to mess up and lose you. You’re so important to me in so many ways, and when you’re feeling blue I can’t help but feel the same. You bring me joy like no one else ever has, and for that I am so grateful.
    Your smile is all I truly want, for you to be consumed in true happiness. Your smile shines brighter than trillions of stars and I can’t imagine any more beautiful things.
    Your an amazing person in so many ways and all I want is to be caught in your embrace. Each moment with you is a memory I cherish, never to let go, for you’re the one who taught me a new kind of love, and that’s all I’ve ever asked for. Although many things keep us a part, you’re the one who truly makes me happy, like no other ever could.

    Je t'aime plus que les mots ne peuvent décrire, mon meilleur ami. Tout amour ne vient pas d'un conte de fée, il vient aussi d'une véritable amitié.

    Ton meilleur ami. xx
    Obviously just entering for the sake of it :]
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  7. GlowingLights

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    Jan 23, 2017
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    IGN: GlowingLights
    Theme: Use the following four words somewhere in your letter: "Love, happiness, joy, memory."
    I never thought I’d meet someone like you. Delicate hair, fair skin, small frame. I’d never seen anyone smile so widely before you magically appeared in my life. You, a delicate purple flower with white ribbons dancing around your every move. Nothing anybody could say would taint your pure heart. That pureness seeped into every crevice of your mind, so nobody could ever harm you. No matter how you grew, no matter how dark the world became, your light would always shine brighter than they ever could. That joy, that happiness that could never be broken… You infected me with your disease even at a young age. I was your black, and you were my white. Well, I knew I wouldn’t be able to avoid it.

    Our folks were close, allowing us to grow closer. We were like a magnet, even when we were in nappies. I, the negative and energized. You, the positive and connecting. We were inseparable, even when others tried to pull us apart. Even when my raincloud haunted me, and Satan tried to pull me into his domain, you gallantly pulled me out. I was no man; you were more man than I could ever be. When the demons haunted my nightmares, when the tears appeared from my eyes, you were there to comfort me. We moved up through the ages together, without ever leaving each other's side. Even when we fought, I would always run back to you. Even when nobody would take us, we would take one-another. However… our magnet was pulled apart by his will. Our paths split down the middle, graduation tearing apart at our connections. Only when I reached the second, the third set… the first time I realised I could never live without you beside me. Your love had drifted away too soon.

    Seven painful years, I was left alone. The darkness scared me, but society made me freeze. I was lonely, but that was my own choice. People tried to connect to me, but I repelled them. They were negatives, like me. I needed that positive, and that was you. Nobody else satisfied me… nobody understood. They come up to me, offer me their hand. Whereas, I put up my barrier; my hopes of ever crossing paths with you again.

    Time finally caught up with me after what felt like ages. A certain something was slotted through my door, inscribed with your surname. My hope shone brightly as I tore open what stood between us, but it was all a lie. It was despair. You had found someone else, “Amyloid.” I had no idea why this man had to separate us so young, but I knew I could never have you back. You belonged to another. You’d fallen for the thief of life, moving away from your phantom thief of hearts. Sadly, my feelings were intoxicating me. Every thought I thought, every step I stepped, I could not stop your young smile from staring me in the face. Amyloid could infect your pure heart, but he could never infect your past.

    The only way I could ever speak to you was the art of words. Each edge of the paper scraped against my barely-beating heart. Each day, a new one was born. Each day, new feelings were applied. It was a surprisingly good stress reliever. However, no matter how greatly Amyloid had won, I wouldn’t give up on you so soon. Despite each beginning was different, the result was always the same. I always called for you, longed for you. Yet, I could not utter my name onto the paper. The mental scarring would be too much for me. In the end, you would place each letter on your sideboard, and Amyloid would erase my attempts. But I would not give up so easily.

    When Amyloid inevitable lifted you, I was never aware. Even when my black became grey, I never forgot. Even when you were unable to hold me, my heart remained on lockdown. Each piece of art continued to your door, and each piece of art always ended up in a pile. That pile grew, yet you paid no notice. Amyloid wouldn’t let you pay any notice. What an abusive relationship you and Amyloid had. And yet, hope still won. He may have won the battle, but he did not win the war. My last breath carried me to you, and Amyloid was no more. I could tell you my woes, share my letters, and be with you for the first time. The thief of an important puzzle piece could taint us, sure. However, memory means nothing when that time comes.
    There's a hidden meaning to this, and I kinda want to see if anyone figures it out. Try messaging on me on discord if you think you know. ;)
    Anyways, good luck to everyone <3
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  8. Mista

    Mista Extreme Partier

    Feb 19, 2018
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    IGN: CrispyRamen
    Theme: Poetry of love
    Roses are red,
    Voilets are blue.

    I'll cross the hottest deserts
    for you

    They say it's a lie,
    And that it's not true.

    But it's in the air, and for love it takes two.

    Simply giving up is a no can do,
    So I write this poem here to get my point through.

    But to myself I must admit these feelings aren't new,
    As since when we met all has been joyful and positive too.

    I hope at some point we can rendezvous,
    So my mind can block out all the hullabaloo.

    For the world is corrupted,
    It's safe-time overdue,

    But I feel I'll survive anything with you.
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  9. Nashi

    Nashi Mythic Partier Elite+

    Nov 1, 2015
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    IGN: Nashhii
    Theme: 2
    My mind is haunted. Not by a ghost, nor a spirit. Not a ghoul that departs once I leave the house. No. I can’t escape from it, every time I close my eyes, he’s there. It doesn’t scare me, not in the slightest. What scares me is the thought I can’t hide from it. No matter where I go, he will always be there in the back of my mind, haunting my every thought and action. Yet, his smile could light up a thousand stars for eternity, his eyes hold secrets of the galaxies. Words cannot describe the force I feel when I’m near him.

    I like to think of what could be. If I told him, if he would nod and take my hand, and pull me closer to his chest. If we would walk down the pier into the sunset, and sit all night on a navy-tinted field, staring off into the vast world above. If I would wake up and bring him a warm breakfast on the porch of our small cottage. Make memories together. Just the two of us. Of course, not feasible. No one would ever want a girl like me. He would just turn around and laugh. Talk about the girl who thought she stood a chance. Who didn’t know her boundaries, and thought all she had to do was ask. The audacity.

    Nonetheless, he’s still there. Twisting my emotions every which way, and toying with the very concept of happiness. One minute he tells me I’m the essence of beauty and love, that nothing should hold me down. Next he talks about the weird girl who kept looking at him in class. Two sides of every story - except, each side comes one in the same.

    The same smile that lights it’s way through my dusty conscience builds ash-covered pathways directing me to dead ends. The eyes that seem to hold the secrets of our worlds are merely illusions. What should give me joy leaves me in a despair of confusion. Pero, tú eres mi Romeo, y soy tu Julieta. Siempre seré tuyo.
    didn't even notice that last part started off in spanish but just went with it I guess
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  10. Twixela

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    Dec 29, 2017
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    IGN: Meghyn
    Theme: 1
    Dear mi amor,

    I cannot express words that can tell how thankful I am that I have had the privilege of meeting you. We live in a world with over 7 billion people- and out of all of them, my favorite is you. Of course, there is the possibility of meeting any one of them- I’m sure they all have their own unique talents- but it is true, my favorite is you.

    I am forever grateful how close we’ve become as friends. It’s unbelievable to think that a long time ago, we were strangers to one another. Now, not even distance can part us by heart. For every tear I’ve shed, you’ve wiped it away and replaced it with a smile. In my darkest of days, you’ve been able to see a rainbow inside of me. You’ve seen me at my worst, and brought out the best. Whether we laughed or cried, I cherish every moment, every second, every day I spent with you.

    Every-time I hear your voice flutter into my ears, a love song played. Butterflies took flight into my stomach and my heart would beat like a drum. Your eyes shined bright like a star- the most beautiful thing in the world. Your smile was as precious as a diamond. Even your darkest flaws, I had fallen in love with.

    Meeting you was a fate, becoming your friend was a choice- but my love for you I had no control over. I love you, my darling. My sweetheart, my melody, my life- my everything. And there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you.

    My dear, I love you so much. I pray you’ll be mine and won’t ever let go. I’ll be there for you every second of my life. I won’t abandon you even when the rest of the world turns on you. I’ll protect your life with my own, for as long as we live. My darling, be mine.

    Love, tu amor
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  11. mochichan

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    Mar 5, 2018
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  12. Jxliee

    Jxliee Guest

    Contest has been closed as the due date has passed, thank you to everyone who paritipcated, the results will be announced in the near future. ♥️
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