What Happened to MCPZ?? :(

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Aug 19, 2015
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Guys! Its been a while, I dont know how many of you remember me but my old 2015-2018 cohort and followers would if they can see this. I cant believe MCPZ is down. The memories I've made on this server are endless and would definitely had taken up most of my time when I did play mc. Just curious as to why its been shut down, I'm seeing a couple other threads but no exact details of why and how, also to those who had bought memberships for this server, its frustrating to know that all my hard work on the builds and memories I made on this server. Anyone else feeling the same let me know, we should start a petition or compose an email to the developers to bring back this server!

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Aug 20, 2018
I Agree!! I want this server to be back to it's former glory of being a really great server to hang out on, Lets write the developers an email to let them know that we want this server to come back, shall we?
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