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    Greetings partygoers

    A sudden crisis has broken out at PartyZone, one so serious that not even we can solve it on our own. That's right, we're looking at you. It's your time to help us.
    Several of the staff members, build team and even insights leaders have been vanishing under very mysterious (and dare I say suspicious) circumstances. The ones that remain have gathered some clues and a list of shady characters but we can't do it all. Not now that our numbers are limited.

    Of course everyone knows what this means! Havoc has made it's return for it's first ever Halloween Havoc! Starting OCTOBER 1st!

    and a KIDNAPPER are still roaming around out there, unpunished. Turn on your mystery-solving skills, grab that magnifying glass and get searching around the crime scene for clues and hints.
    You can refer to the dashboard for the potential suspects and victims. Don't be afraid to ask staff members, builders and insights leaders for further information.

    The investigation will come to an end on the 2nd OF NOVEMBER, so make sure you hop onto our creative server as soon as you can and type /WARP HAVOC to begin your quest for righteousness. I shall sign off holding the belief that you'll restore the balance to PartyZone once again.

    I wish you detectives the best of luck.

    1st - Trick or Treat, R.I.P and Jack O' Lantern tag, Elite+ and 2000 party points.
    2nd - R.I.P and Jack O' Lantern tag, Elite and 1250 party points.
    3rd - Jack O' Lantern tag, VIP+ and 750 party points.
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