Warp Havoc Winners!


Greetings Partiers!

As said by the title, Warp Havoc has now ended and so it is time to reveal the winners!

Over the course of the last month, we set you guys the task of investigating the disappearance of multiple staff, insights and build team members to try and figure out who this years murderer and kidnapper were... This year only 2 people managed to guess both the murderer and kidnapper correctly, however many other people managed to guess at least the murderer or the kidnapper, and so these people were entered into a raffle for 3rd place!

Without further ado, this years murderer was Pinxxie with the kidnapper this year being Aluux!

1st - @YckiMceda - Trick or Treat, R.I.P and Jack O' Lantern tag, Elite+ and 2000 party points.
2nd - @Richi - R.I.P and Jack O' Lantern tag, Elite and 1250 party points.

And finally, the raffle winner for 3rd place is...

3rd - @Mxnny - Jack O' Lantern tag, VIP+ and 750 party points.

Congratulations to all 3 of you! If you'd like to give your prizes away then please me privately with the name of who you'd like to give it away to.

What were the motives?

had enough of the way NobleProductions and nedthefed were running partyzone, and so he decided to kidnap them, leaving his best friend Iruu the position of becoming owner!

Pinxxie found out about his plan, and murdered Iruu before she got the chance of fulfilling the role... this meant that llatekate being the last admin would take the role of owner!



Alex and Iruu had matching skins on warp havoc and for halloween - Alex and Iruu are best friends
Hair found on the basement stairs in dr pepper - Alex kidnapped Noble, and his favourite drink is Dr Pepper
AJoieee passed out from being pranked, nedthefed was also pranked - Alex likes to prank people
K1w1z was kidnapped by being strangled with an orange scarf - Alex's favourite colour is orange
Noble was knocked out with Dr Pepper - Alex's favourite drink is dr pepper
Shae42 disappeared at a party - Alex goes to a lot of parties
XLordalX was jump scared while driving - One of Alexs favourite pranks is to jump scare people
Polaroid 3: Diary Entry - The words come from a diary entry from Iruu talking about how she wishes she was owner, the polaroid is soaked in a brown liquid which once again is Dr Pepper.


Cheeto bag by Pinxxie, dust also found on the flute and the bed where Iruus body was hidden - Pinxxies favourite food are cheetos
bbatboy was Murdered by being strangled by a koala - Pinxxies favourite animal is a koala
Worldedit_ was killed with a blue mobile phone - Pinxxies favourite colour is blue, and she is the Insights Media Team backup leader
PlumDuck was trampled over by a marching band - Pinxxie is part of her schools marching band
Iruu was whacked over the head with a flute - Pinxxie plays the flute
Ryyhm was murdered with small needles - Pinxxies name is Pin, which can also be the name of a small needle

Polaroid 1: Something orange was found on the bed - This was cheeto dust from Pinxxie which is her favourite food

Thank you to everyone who participated! And congratulations to all the winners!


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May 23, 2015
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lol i actually got them right, shame i couldn't write in a book because the server kicked me every time i tried :)


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Jan 5, 2018
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Oh wow, Won Havoc twice now. Congrats to the other winners!
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Nov 23, 2017


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Nov 23, 2016
Congratulations and I hope you all enjoyed the event!