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    A huge thanks to @emohh for the graphic!


    During the Christmas season, we had two devious
    murders and a sneaky kidnapper on the loose! Committing numerous crimes and harming our contributors... fortunately, a few excellent detectives managed to catch the crooks before anymore damage could be done.
    So without further ado, the murders were
    Emohh and HelloColdWorld and the kidnapper was Exagora!

    The winner from this raffle is WinterPqnic (@ThqtsYourPrqblem) who has won
    If you’d like to give your prize away, private message me the name of the user you wish to give your prize to.


    , a staff member known to be rather salty, felt angered by the ending of Drag Race and the lack of respect for the amazing show. Containing her anger, she finally snapped when she found herself struggling with writers block, murdering people for an “in real life” inspiration.

    , known for his incredible artistic abilities, felt an increase in his competition for number one among his co-workers, and begun to eliminate the competition, using their blood as red paint for his next grand piece.

    Exagora, felt quite insecure due to the recent increase in people calling him a baby and short, and had a boundary crossed when someone stole his Divergent movie collection. Due to this frustration, he went crazy and begun to assist in the murders and by kidnapping those who had crossed his boundaries.

    Did any of them fool you? It seems some did! Only 4 people guessed the culprits correctly in time!

    Clues Answers - Emohh
    Polaroid Photo #3 - Paint splodges around her body, Emohh likes to paint
    GaysusChrist murdered - lead poisoning in Ramen - Emohh, familiar with lead due to his artistic background, snook it in while GaysusChrist ate some Ramen
    XLordalX murdered - Drowned in melted oil pastels - Emohh likes oil pastels
    gigosaurus kidnapped and killed - hit with a shovel and suffocated - with help of a fellow fan of P!ATD, he and the kidnapper teamed up to get rid of one of our old owners
    HoHoHotPotato murdered - tortured with paint brushes and then suffocated - Emohh has access to many art supplies and took advantage of Potato while she was unsure
    Disappearance list - Emohh is missing from this list

    Clues Answers - Exagora

    Polaroid Photo #1 - RIAM VI piano book. Exagora plays piano with the Royal Irish Academy of Music at grade VI.
    Alex was kidnapped - Roller skates bashed against his head - Exagora likes to roller skate.
    Harieo was kidnapped - Poison in waffles - Exagora loves waffles
    gigosaurus was kidnapped and killed - knocked out with a shovel and suffocated - Exagora teamed up with a fellow P!ATD fan, and left their car tunes behind at the scene
    Calico kidnapped - Driven away in a silver Toyota after being hit with a shovel - Exagora owns many shovels and his parent owns a silver Toyota.
    Disappearance list - Exagora is not a part of this list
    Sneaky book placing - “How to feed your Jules” is next to the book “Steps to Kidnapping” in the bedroom. Exagora’s nickname is Jules
    Bloody shovel in the closet - Exagora is known to really like his shovels

    Clues Answers - HelloColdWorld
    Polaroid Photo #2 - The Book “Kidnappers & Victims”, a book written by Cold herself on forums
    Squixl murdered - suffocated by a pixel art poster, with books scattered everywhere - Cold is very big on reading, and adores pixel art
    ABennn murdered - locked in a freezer - died Hypothermia, in a freezer, practically meaning he had died of the cold
    Twixela murdered - stabbed in the chest with salt spilt everywhere - Cold is known to be very salty, not to mention all the bloody footsteps leading up to her!
    Disappearance list - Cold is missing from this list

    Happy 2019 y’all!

    A huge thank you to everyone who made this happen, including previous Havocs builders, our event team and the individuals who came and gave a helping hand! None of this could’ve happened without you all.​
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    Congratulations everyone!!
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    Oh, I didn't expect it to be HelloColdWorld. Congrats
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    Congratulations everyone! (Even though I'm dead)
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