Total Drama Insane 2.0 Episode 12. "Doctor, Doctor!"

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    Heather, Courtney, Amy and Samey were in the cabin.
    "So, I think us girls should stick together," said Courtney.
    "What about Kitty?" Samey asked.
    "Yea, what about her?" Courtney asked rudely.
    "Well," Samey stuttered, "alright I guess.
    "Sure," Amy and Heather nodded. Courtney and Samey left. Heather and Amy glared at each other.
    "I know you're a fake person," Heather hissed.
    "Don't even try to win," Amy hissed.
    "You'll lose anyway!" Heather hissed.

    Amy: "Heather is a-"
    Heather: "Amy is a-"
    Amy: "-rude-"
    Heather: "-stubborn-"
    Amy: "-weird-"
    Heather: "-fake-"
    Amy: "-ugly-"
    Heather: "-stupid-"
    Amy: "-self centered-"
    Heather: "-whiny-"
    Amy: "-annoying-"
    Heather: "-selfish-"
    Amy: "-lying-"
    Heather: "-cocky-"
    Amy: "B****!"
    Heather: "B****!"
    *End Confessional*

    Samey and DJ were in a cabin.
    "Hi," said Samey, "I really need someone to talk to-"
    "Not a problem!" DJ smiled, "how may I help?"
    "So Courtney tried to make a girls alliance to get Kitty out-" Samey began.
    "What?" DJ gasped, "who would get rid of Kitty?"
    "Obviously them. Anyway, Amy and Heather clearly don't trust each other, so I wanted to take advantage of it-"
    "To get Heather out?"

    Samey: "DJ is a nice guy!"
    DJ: "I'm happy to help such a nice girl!"
    *End Confessional*

    "You were so robbed last season!" Samey gloated, "you should have won!"
    "That stupid bear got me," DJ shook his head, "oh well. I can try harder this season and I'm doing much better!"
    "You bet you are!" Samey smiled.

    Samey: "I can't bottle it all in- but I really love him- he'll reject me- what do I do?"
    *End Confessional*

    Brick and Heather were on the cliff.
    "Morning," Brick smiled.
    "Morning," Heather rolled her eyes, "what's with this meeting?"
    "I don't really know," Brick replied, "I was just here when you came-"
    "Oh, no. I was here first, so you stay out of my way-"
    "Excuse me? Madam, I was here first!"

    Heather: "I will get Brick out!"
    *End Confessional*

    Chris had the campers in the medical tent for their challenge.
    "Where was this when Gwen got poisoned?" Amy rolled her eyes.
    "Nowhere," Chris smirked.
    "Oh," Amy muttered.
    "Challenge today is the Doctor challenge!" Chris announced, "you'll be assigned a random eliminated contestant each and you have to cure them! First to cure their patient wins! Now, to find out who has to heal who."

    Amy = Topher
    Brick = Beth
    Courtney = Tyler
    DJ = Geoff
    Heather = Sugar
    Kitty = Leonard
    Samey = Duncan

    "What's wrong?" Amy asked.
    "Well, I can't feel my face," Topher mumbled.
    "Well," Amy muttered.
    "Beth, what's wrong?" Brick asked.
    "My stomach," Beth clutched her stomach.
    "Is this some kind of sick joke?" Courtney screamed.
    "My face feels hot," Tyler moaned to Courtney, "oh, can I switch doctors? I don't fancy dying today!"
    "Honestly?" Courtney yelled, "you think I'd throw a challenge just to kill you?"
    "Yes," Tyler said sheepishly.
    "What's wrong man?" DJ asked Geoff.
    "Well," Geoff gasped, "it hurts when I breathe, maybe something's wrong with my chest?"
    "Oh what's wrong with you?" Heather cringed at Sugar.
    "Well," Topher stuttered, "wait why am I here?"
    "Memory loss," Heather muttered, "what a nightmare."
    "Um?" Kitty stuttered. Leonard had vanished from his bed.
    "Hey," Samey smiled, "what can I do to help ya Duncan?"
    "Well, I have an everlasting headache," Duncan wailed, "may I have some help?"

    DJ and Geoff started getting to work.
    "So, I'll just give you some pills," DJ told Geoff, "it should help."
    "Thanks," Geoff wheezed.

    Amy: "The best part about having Topher as my partner, I can do this!"
    *End Confessional*

    Amy raced up to Heather and Sugar.
    "Go away," Heather cringed.
    "Hm?" Amy mocked thinking. She climbed onto the bed and started jumping up and down on Sugar's chest.
    "OOF!" Sugar muffled.
    "Hey, that should be against the rules!" Heather frowned.
    "Yea, it should!" Chris announced, "but I forgot to make it a rule! You can do it to Amy's patient if you like!"

    Amy: "Heather won't hurt baby waby Topher."
    Heather: "Ugh, that's so unfair!"
    *End Confessional*

    Courtney and Tyler were together.
    "Hurry up!" Tyler called, "my face is hot!"
    "As is the rest of your body," Courtney yelled angrily. She then set Tyler on fire with a Molotov.
    "Courtney's out!" Chris announced.
    "I cured him didn't I?" Courtney laughed.

    *Elimination Ceremony*
    "DJ won immunity again!" Chris announced, DJ smiled.
    "Well, I'm looking forward to seeing Heather's butt go home!" Amy gleered.
    "Right back at you babe," Heather sarcastically blew a kiss.
    "You're on!" Amy yelled.
    "Will you two shut up?" Kitty cried.
    "Thanks Kitty," said Chris, "safe are DJ, Amy, Kitty, Brick and Courtney!"
    "What?" Samey and Heather cried.
    "By a vote of 4-3, eliminated is..."

    Heather: "If I got rid of Samey, I could ruin Amy's game."
    *End Confessional*

    "Samey!" Chris announced. Everyone gasped.
    "What?" Samey cried, "I thought we were voting for-"
    "Nobody cares," Heather gleered.
    "Samey!" Amy cried, "Chris, I quit for Samey!"

    *Dock of Shame*
    "Well, it was fun!" Amy smiled, "I did this for my baby sis! Samey, win for me!"

    Samey and DJ were on the dock.
    "Sorry about your sister," DJ frowned.
    "Oh well, I have more motivation!" Samey replied. She then kissed DJ.

    Samey: "Too fast?"
    *End Confessional*

    DJ politely shoved her away.
    "Oh?" Samey looked hurt.
    "Samey, I think you're a nice girl, but I don't think it would work," DJ frowned.
    "Oh, well-" Samey then ran off crying
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