TD: The Forgotten Ones Episode 14. "Guts and Glory!"

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    Ella: "Good riddance to Samey."
    Dakota: "My plan worked, time to try get B out next!"
    *End Confessional*

    Dakota and Sadie were in the mess hall.
    "Hey, what do you want?" Sadie asked.
    "Just wanted to say hi," Dakota smiled, "and I love your outfit!"

    Dakota: "That's literally the ugliest outfit I've ever seen."
    *End Confessional*

    "Why thank you," Sadie smiled, "yours is beautiful.
    "Thanks," Dakota smiled, "anyway I wanted to propose an offer. What are your thoughts on B?"
    "Oh," Sadie thought, "well I see him as a potential threat, I mean he has made it this far-"
    "Exactly," said Dakota, "want to get him out?"
    "How can I trust you? I mean, you're a terrible person." Sadie was sketchy about Dakota, after Katie's elimination.
    "First of all, I didn't realize that Katie would get the votes," Dakota lied, "I wanted her to stay, really."
    "Well..." said Sadie, "I guess I can help you get B out."

    Dakota: "I'll get B out alright, but I'll get her out after."
    Tyler: "So my alliance needs to stay strong if we want to get anywhere. We need two more members. I was thinking Trent and Ella!"
    *End Confessional*

    Tyler, Bridgette, B, Trent and Ella were in the cabin.
    "Hey guys," said Tyler, "Trent and Ella, welcome to the alliance!"
    "Thanks," Ella shrugged. Trent gave a respectful nod.
    "We all know who should leave," said Bridgette, "that someone is Dakota."
    "Yep, we should stick together to get her out," said Tyler, "then once we hit final 5, game on!"
    "I forgot how stressful it was being in this game," Ella rolled her eyes.
    "So we're getting Dakota?" B confirmed.
    "Obviously," Bridgette sighed.

    Bridgette: "I dunno anymore, this competition is just getting me upset silly."
    B: "We didn't really need Trent and Ella, then again we don't want to end up like Dawn."
    Tyler: "Good to know I'll be safe for a while."
    *End Confessional*

    Chris had the contestants by a boxing ring for their challenge.
    "Your challenge today is to fight another person!" Chris announced, "I've randomly made an order of who is going in. The winner of the first round moves onto round two and so on. The person who ends up in the most rounds and the last person who wins their round both win immunity, unless they're the same person!"

    *Round 1*
    Dakota vs Tyler
    Dakota wins

    *Round 2*
    Dakota vs Trent
    Dakota wins

    *Round 3*
    Dakota vs Leshawna
    Dakota wins

    *Round 4*
    Dakota vs Bridgette
    Dakota wins, Bridgette forfeits

    *Round 5*
    Dakota vs Sadie
    Sadie wins

    *Round 6*
    Sadie vs B
    B wins

    *Round 7*
    B vs Ella
    Ella wins.

    "Dakota wins immunity for having the most wins!" Chris announced, "and Ella wins immunity for winning the final round!"

    Dakota: "I let Sadie beat me, I was hoping she'd beat the others but no she had to flop. I was getting tired as well."
    Ella: "I'm shocked I won immunity, B is a big person."
    Tyler: "When you're out first, RIP."
    Leshawna: "Damn I almost won against Dakota, I had to hesitate for that second!"
    Bridgette: "Yea, I forfeit. I guess I'll just self vote until I'm eliminated now. I'm too depressed to quit and I'm too depressed to try winning."
    *End Confessional*

    *Elimination Ceremony*
    "Well, these two people on the bottom are shocking!" Chris exclaimed, "B vs Sadie! The final marshmallow goes to..."


    "Sadie, I'm sorry to say but you're eliminated!" Chris announced.
    "Meh," Dakota shrugged to herself, "I was gonna get her out anyway."
    "Dakota, you voted me?" Sadie exclaimed, "I thought I-"
    "Why do people always think they can trust her?" Trent rolled his eyes.
    "You've forced me to do this," Sadie cried. She pulled an immunity idol out of her pocket.
    "This is an idol!" Chris announced, "Sadie you're safe! B you're eliminated!"
    "Well this sucks," B sighed, "I did well for an antisocial person."
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