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    Samantha -
    15 , Cell addicted.
    George -
    14 , Samantha's brother , has a crush on Amanda
    Amanda -
    14 1.2 , Introverted , Snow ball competition master.
    Charlie -
    Dyslexic , Dislikes horror movies , 15
    Adam -
    19 , Group leader , Jessica's brother
    Jessica -
    Friendly , Nicest of all , 12 , Brought onto this trip by mother.
    Ashley -
    17, Prankster
    Curnal -
    Narrator ( You get to meet him )
    Hannah -
    17 , Has a crush on Mike , Sister is Hailey
    Hailey -
    17 , Shy.
    Mike -
    18 , '' Cool '' kid.


    A cold, winter nights. California, All 9 Kids settling down in the kitchen ready to play '' adult '' games. By adult they figured if they put some root beer in a cup it would act like a shot. They figured they'd pull a prank on Hailey. They put Vinegar in the cup Hailey would use, and then she would throw up.

    They started with the prank, '' Aha, '' Amanda laughed, '' Okay, okay, Hailey, Who do you have a crush on? '' The gang started laughing, Hailey sat there awkwardly rubbing her arm, '' Come on, do this or take a little bit of root beer, it won't hurt.. '' Ashley teased, '' Shot. '' Hailey picked shot, she picked up the red, plastic cup and drank from it, '' Guys, this tastes a bit strange, you sure it's root beer? '' Hailey eyed the cup, '' Come on, be a big girl, of course it is! '' Adam said, his deep but nasal voice said, the group tried to hold in a laugh.

    22:47 PM, 6th December 2007

    It had been a long night, Charlie , George , Amanda and Samantha on the floor playing spin the bottle, Ashley , Hannah , Mike and Adam by the kitchen counter talking , '' Come on guys, I'm sure she's fine, '' Ashley rolled her eyes, Hannah moved in, '' If anything goes wrong I swear, '' Hannah pushed Ashley in a joke - kind of way.

    '' You know, I'm kind of worried, I mean, Hailey's just been sitting there by the sink staring out of the window for a long time.. Maybe we shouldn't have done the prank. '' Charlie was getting nervous, in the sentence he stuttered, '' Charlie, she's fine, she'll just feel sick and throw up a few times.. Chill.. '' George said, '' Yeah, '' '' Of course! '' The group exclaimed, '' Fine.. ''

    Hailey put her hand on her stomach, she rushed past Jessica, the twelve year old didn't know what was happening, '' G - G - Guys? Is Hailey okay? '' She pointed to the bathroom door, Jessica had a slight lisp, she jumped at the sound of something hitting the bathroom floor, '' It was just a prank, don't worry Jess, She's just ill. '' Samantha said, all eyes on her.

    23:13 PM, 6th December 2007

    '' Adam, '' Jessica tapped on her brother's arm, '' Hailey's been in there for a while now, should we go check on her? '' Her lisp was growing as she was worried, '' Please? '' Jessica asked, '' Fine, Guys, get up, we have to go check on Hailey, '' The group walked to the bathroom door, opening it.

    '' Hailey? '' Hannah , Ashley , Mike and Charlie yelled. '' It's okay, don't worry. '' Samantha kneeled down besides Jessica, the poor girl was scared and crying. '' C - Can't we call the police.. '' Jessica whimpered, '' Anybody got cell service? '' Samantha turned, the girl in her arms.. '' Nothing, '' The whole group had no cell service.

    '' Guys, '' Mike said, '' The window of the bathroom is open.. I SEE HAILEY! '' The group gasped, '' Ashley, Mike, stay with Jessica. George, Charlie, you stay at the door in case she comes back, Amanda and Hannah, you guys come with me to explore the forest. ''

    00:48 PM, 7th December 2007

    '' And, she left because of a prank? '' Officer Blore said, '' Yes sir.. '' Samantha said, her arm around Jessica. '' It was harmless, I swear! '' Adam , Amanda and Mike tried to prove their point. '' She left out the bathroom window, '' George and Charlie explained to Officer More. Hannah was screaming , crying , weeping '' Please Officer, find my sister! '' She banged the bench, an Officer and Doctor to her side. A helicopter flew over them, the lights shone bright, Most of them covering their eyes. A forensics team searched the house, the forest.

    9:34 AM , 19 January 2008

    Samantha turned on the TV, she swiped from channel to channel, '' Cooking, Cartoons, Ne- '' Samantha sat up in her seat, '' Back to the world-wide search of now 18 year old Hailey Thompson, Is it the end? Come back in 20 minutes to find out, now, the Rhino who lived till 34- '' Samantha shut of the TV, timing her watch for 30 Minutes, she went in to find her Father making breakfast, '' Is mom gone? '' Samantha asked, '' Just left, why? '' Her dad, Graham asked. '' Just wondering, hey, remember the cabin this with Hailey, Hannah , Adam, that lot. '' Samantha stared at her dad, his bright pink frilly apron on as he cooked scrambled egg, '' What.. about it? '' He paused, emptying out the pan into a bowl, '' Also, do you want salt on your eggs? '' Graham asked, bringing breakfast to the table. '' Apparently in 30 minutes there's something on the news about it, I have a timer on, also, salt please, and pepper. '' Sam replied, '' Are you sure you want to watch that, You and your friends got really sad when she went missing, '' Graham sprinkled the eggs with salt and pepper, '' If I don't I'll just get bugged about it with texts, plus you know that we got the first day of school off because we were mourning her, she's not even dead! '' Samantha said, violently stabbing her fork into her egg then eating it, '' You do you sweetie, just remember, I did warn you. '' Graham picked up their tiny dog, a brown, fluffy pooch called Coco.

    10:04 AM , 19 January 2008

    Sam flicked the switch , '' The teenager Hailey Thompson, was found dead near another campsite, the cause of death was apparently plummeting down the hill, we do not know if it's a homicide or an accident or just s- '' Sam's mind ran, a tear shed, her phone rang, the group chat was calling, '' Sam, It's Charlie and George, did you hear? '' George asked over the call, Charlie was full on crying, although Charlie was gay at one point before he came out he had feelings for Hailey, '' I heard.. '' Samantha said, she got sadder and sadder until she burst into tears.. '' How do you think Hannah feels? You know what she was like when she JUST went missing.. '' A message popped up on all screens

    * RING *

    '' Oh my god.. '' Sam was shocked, '' He can't be serious, '' George's mouth was open, '' What the crap? '' Charlie stopped crying, all of them did.. '' Adam wants us back there? After Hailey was just found DEAD. '' Samantha said, '' It's rude not to go, '' Charlie said, '' Are we not going to remember somebody DIED there? '' George replied, '' Meet you there, I'm going, '' Charlie hung up, '' We don't have a choice, '' George hung up, he put a message in the group chat saying he was going.. '' See you all on the weekend.. '' Samantha said to herself..

    Message from the narrator:

    I see, you're excited for part 2, remember, the creator is very busy so don't rush them, It's so sad.. am I right? Right down to the feels, you cannot see me but right now I'm backing up into my chair, Now, I heard you're afraid of Gore, violence, don't worry we won't include that for you. Cursing? You don't want that? That's alright, we won't have that.. Now, where was I, you're invited on the train of emotion, love , feelings and hatred.

    Make sure to return

    Arthur Curnal -

    Goodbye my darling,
    Goodbye my wife,
    Goodbye the young ones,
    Goodbye my life,
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