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    While I understand what you're saying personally, there are quite a few details missing out. We've had both these games before. Survival games was highly requested and when we added it in, not nearly enough people played it, and this was when our player count was doing much better than it is now. As for skywars, this has been something we've had in the past which was successful for the player count we had but died out and became rather buggy (to my recollection)

    ✵ So? What will actually make people play it this time?

    We do not have the player count for this, and unlikely the resources for it right now, so if this is to be added, it'd take a long, long, time. But if we were to add it in future, how can we actually say people will play it? What makes it different from the tons of servers that already have this?

    For example, Hypixel has the insane rounds, doubles and all those shenanigans. So what can we do to enhance these games so people will come to the server for the game?

    While I'm not crazy about Skywars or SG, I do like playing a few rounds and honestly would only play it here as I usually only am on PZ, so there's no point migrating. Same goes for existing players on other servers. Given the history of both games here, it doesn't seem great

    ✵ Tips on how to improve this specific suggestion [potentially others]:

    ✏ In future, try to describe in more detail what exactly you're talking about. While a majority of people do know this game, they may not know what you mean for future suggestions
    ✏ For new game suggestions, what perks would there be? Would you be able to purchase additional speed advantages?
    ✏ In a suggestion, try to stick to one suggestion rather than go on about "or maybe ___" as it's confusing

    Overall, I will have to disagree with your suggestion as given it's past history, it doesn't look like it's right for the server at this time. I know this could be something further discussed at a distant time but even then how are we actually going to get players from it? Even little twists would be nice to hear as it's helpful to have something that makes the game something more worthwhile than that of Hypixel. People won't migrate/play here if the server offers nothing more than what they have on another which they actively play on. If we get to a point where our player count could actually hold this, and demand gets higher, maybe then it could be talked about it, but this is in no way a guaranteed thing that will suddenly happen