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    Why are event members who aren't builders or helpers unable to participate in build battle?
  2. Jxliee

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    This is stated in the event application when applying, however, I will explain it in my own words:

    ∆ Reason one: If an event member wins, regardless of rank, this may aggravate players as it can look unfair to the public if someone who has the advantage of being able to see what themes and questions are coming up wins and may cause controversy about whether or not they knew

    ∆ Reason two: The event team members, despite rank, are the ones organizing these events for the community. They can participate in a majority of events in general but not win(to avoid bias), and sometimes win any coded ones due to inability to be biased, but given build battle can only take four people per round, taking up these spaces is not fair to community members wanting to play and don't always get the chance to because some just get there faster.
    The event team makes these events for players and taking up spots that are fairly limited defeats the purpose of this

    I hope this all makes sense

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