[Server] New PM system!

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As some of you may have figured out, we have a new PM system! Here's how it works:

/msg <player> <msg>
Also works with /tell, /mail, and /whisper
Same as normal, but can send throughout the entire network! If you want to PM a friend on SkyWars, while you're playing Infection, you can do that!

/reply <msg>
Also works with /r
Sends a message to the last person who messaged you!

/ignore <player> [true/false]
You will not receive private messages from that player. If the player messages you, it shows to them that they sent the message, but you won't see it.

/nomsg [true/false]
You will not receive any private messages. People who message you will get a notification that you have messages disabled.

If you find any bugs with the messaging system, let me know!
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