Murder Resetting stats discussion

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Timelord, Jun 28, 2019.

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    I created this thread for the purpose of a community input rather than a usual suggestion one although it will work in the same way.

    What I am "suggesting" is erasing all stats from murder except for names in murder. Although preferably I would like that to change too.

    -V2 is a complete restart
    -Old players feel less weighted against
    -It's more playable aka not everyone having a gun in under a minute. Double emerald upgrades and fast reload ahem... not fun
    -It has more replayability.
    -players that worked hard will lose their progress.

    How to fix this kinda: Create a legacy system. This could be as simple as a cosmetic aka when click shows legacy rank. Also I mean ranked seasons? Sounds kinda cool idk
    I myself with rank 142 (I mean 8th on my alt) and with 2nd most games played would feel this is a good thing as it provides more playability and makes the game more enjoyable with new progression.
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