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    Hi, I'm Austin. I'm a 17 year old currently studying to become a software engineer. Most of you probably have no clue who I am as it's been well over four years since I left this server. My purpose of making this post isn't to attempt to rejoin this community, I've never had the intent to. I come on here from time to time and slowly watch this server decline, so this is more of a farewell post than a re-introduction.

    I was around the age of 12 when I first joined PZ, around 6 months after the server first released. I played for around 6 months and loved every second of it. I was fairly immature as most children in that age range are. Throughout this time I developed many friendships, some that have stuck with me until today. The one's that I remember most are Caitlyn, Shantee, Jeremy, and Ryan.

    Jeremy, I miss you so much. I have no idea if you'll ever see this bud, but I enjoyed our friendship. You left PZ with me to transfer to MP, and were always there. Our disconnect was caused by our age gap. As I grew older and became enveloped by my love for programming, we grew apart. You have my Skype (although I never check it anymore), and I'm pretty sure you have my disc tag. If you ever see this, please PM me and let me know how you are.

    Caitlyn, I won't go into details. I was a child, and whatever I did was out of my immaturity. You were close to me and I appreciate that. I hope that life is treating you well.

    Shantee, our friendship was more of an in-game friendship. As it's been so long, I don't really remember much about it. All I remember is you'd always be in the murder games my clique played.

    Ryan, we still talk so you know how I feel.

    An update for those who care
    Firstly, I'd like to mention that my maturity isn't as abhorrent as it used to be. Through the years I've grown more mature through social interaction and just experience. As for my passion, it's computer science. I live and breathe it. My home language is Java, and since I first learned it I've expanded into 6 other widely used languages. Apart from CS I have a love for Chemistry, Math (more specifically calc), Machine / Deep Learning (branch of CS), and philosophy. I intend to double major in CS.

    Final farewell
    PZ was really the first online community I got involved in, and it's impacted my development in many ways. I created many friends and grew as a human in the process. It will always have a place in my heart. I truly wish you all the best. If any of you that know me care to reconnect add me on discord: Austin#9949

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    it’s great to see that pz brought you so such joy and memories. i could honestly connect to this post more than i thought i would. i wish you the best for your future! farewell!