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Nov 17, 2015
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If you'd like to post any of your art to share to the community, used this thread to do so!

- All art must be kid-appropriate. MCPZ is a family friendly server.
- Memes, digital or paper art is completly fine on here!
- Silly, humourus paintings is allowed. Everyone can be funny sometimes :)
- If you want to post your best artwork here, feel free to do so.
- No mockary on others' art.
- Be nice to others. Treat them the way you'd like them to be treated.
- Want your art to be featured? Let me know and I'll try my best to put it on the post!
- If you've been featured 1 time, don't ask again because I want to give others a chance!
- Be positive about your artwork and don't feel bad that someone made better artwork than you. Everybody's unique.
- Have fun and don't be too shy about sharing your creative drawings! -



No featured drawings. Private message Amora to be featured here!



How do I get my art featured?

We'll feature your art by community votes and if you have enough votes than private message Amorra.
What happens if I break the rules?
If you break the rules I will ask you to stop, If you don't I will contact a staff member.
Is it okay to post multiple art projects?
Of course! Just be careful because of double-posting issues.
Can I comment some negative things about someone else's art?
It'll depend how you say it. If you say it in a very offensive/rude way, I will ask to be polite. If it's in a good way, then I will let your comment be.
Offensive/Rude Feedback - "Ew! That looks like a newspaper in a trash can! It wouldn't even be featured!"
Positive/Kind Feedback - "You should probably go on the lines next time. And I can see a lot of white in that spot. Though the rest is completly fine! Well done!"
Do I have to post my art on here?
No! This post all depends if you want your art to be shown publicly or not! If you don't want to I'm not forcing you to do so.


If you have any other questions about this post feel free to ask.
Any concerns or think this thread should be locked? Contact me and I'll see how many people don't like this thread.

@Dizzeh since your a meme overlord then you can post memes here c:
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