Points to consider before you report a player for hacking

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    DISCLAIMER: I'm aware that some of these are pretty obvious, but hopefully this will benefit some of the new players who aren't 100% up to server policy.

    Format: the spoiler title will represent what someone might report, and the contents of the spoiler will suggest a few points to remember before filing that report.

    • /fly is an available command on the server
    • The only people who cannot fly are non-donators. Try and check to see if the flying player's nametag is gray.
    • The player could also be using both double jumps and the launch pads. When combined, you can get pretty far.
    • Some players (Elite, Elite+, and staff) have access to World Edit and Voxel Sniper, these plugins allow players to use commands which place multiple blocks at a time to save time.
    • Again, check the player's rank.
    • The murderer can sprint, this is a feature in the game and was put there purposefully, don't panic.
    • If you see more than one person sprint and/or someone is moving at a much faster pace than they should be, that's a good indicator that someone is hacking.
    • Player probably used /fly. See Spoiler #1.
    • If the user is spamming, report them in the User Reports section!
    • Some hacked clients do spam in chat however, so make sure you report it to a member of staff as quick as possible.
    • Alright, report it! What's that? You just saw them? Where's your proof?
      • Nobody is saying you're lying, but if you don't have proof, it makes incredibly more difficult to act on a situation.
      • Try to upload a CLEAR screenshot if you can. If possible, more than one is usually better. A video is even better.
      • Making multiple testimonies in order to make your point really doesn't help, getting proof is really what's going to help you out.
    • Also,
    • In 1.8, players can fly and sprint at the same time. Check to see how much faster they're going than usual.
    • If it's so fast that you can't see their nametag, then it's definitely a hack.
    • UPDATE: Donators now have permissions to /flyspeed in creative that allows them to fly much faster than usual. If they're a VIP or Elite player, they're most likely using that command.

    Will update as more situations are brought to my attention.
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