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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Godfish23, Apr 5, 2021.

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    Each year for the past two years since the server hit a massive decline I have participated in the annual egg hunt. This is generally the ONE time of year the community, from several areas, re-joins the server for the first time since the previous year and usually has a great time. Then the hunt ends, and everybody goes away again. Throughout this year, and the last, one thing has become clear - this server doesn't have to be 'dead' as many can claim it is. The community is still very much alive somewhere proven by the coming together through the hunt. Discussions this year have seen many join, ask to play murder, find out its down, and promptly leave. I am not here however to suggest that murder needs fixing - while it does need fixing I am well aware this is a huge job and is being worked on. The other end of discussions has been in a similar fashion to this: "I like the server and want to play more but I just don't enjoy creative so there is nothing to do". Many, including myself, have said they would likely play more if there was almost any other working gamemode and I think the same is true for new arrivals.
    Again, I am not here to moan on about fixing murder or elite survival as these jobs are currently in progress. I am suggesting the addition of a survival world open to all. Literally daily, at least 20-50 new servers are made by random people on the internet hosting a survival experience. Survival is not, at least to my knowledge, a high maintenance thing with a few working plugins needed and then generally people will just well, survive. At this point it surely cannot be harmful to do such a maneuverer as there is very little to lose and much more to gain. Not to mention it would certainly help reduce the stigma that nothing is happening here anymore as the community would physically have a visible, positive, change to the server compared to somewhat infrequent development updates with little in the way of visible change.
    I hope that somebody in a position of power will end up seeing this, whether they will or not I can't say for sure, and a response would be greatly appreciated. The same is true for any players seeing this, perhaps am I wrong.
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    We are sick and tired of only having creative opened. Please just open a vanilla survival world or something very simple and easy to do. We've been asking for this for a year, well actually we've been asking for literally anything and we've gotten nothing. Please, we want something, anything...
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    100% agree that something needs to be done if the staff actually want the server to exist. It's kinda sad because I used to be a massive part of the community and met great friends on this server but creative isn't my thing, so if there was something open it would help a lot.

    Like it's not very hard to open a vanilla survival world in the meantime for players to play on. I know murder has been down for over a year and I personally also don't see how it takes years to fix it, but hey ho. I genuinely believe if the staff want the server to exist in the future they need to open other gamemodes and do it fast. If not, don't complain when you quite literally have 0 players y'know? This server used to have such an amazing community but it really was ruined by the lack of development, the lack of staff and in my opinion the lack of literal care that goes into the server. It feels like no staff actually care about the server existing.

    I'd also like to add that I was and still am a MASSIVE advocate for factions being a thing on this server. I've mad many posts on why this gamemode should be implemented in the past but have been turned down every time. I feel like as the community is starting to get older it wouldn't be very toxic, and honestly the server needs a way to start to gain new players. It'd be something I'd personally want to play as I'm looking for a new factions server and I know many people love the gamemode. Either way, new gamemodes need to be implemented within the next few months, not years, for the server to survive.