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    "I have loved the stars too fondly to be afraid of the night."


    hello! my name's nightzie. many of my really old friends know me as alvin, an identity i used to go by here. any of you who know me as such are free to continue doing so. but for all of you newer members, feel free to call me night!

    i have been playing on partyzone for well over two years now, february 4th being my two year marker. i have made so many amazing friends and acquaintances that its hard to keep count of how many i actually have! although, there are a few special presences that i will need a long time to forget; not that i actually want or plan to forget, haha!

    my favorite hobby is definitely writing. relaying my thoughts and emotions on a document or on a simple piece of blank paper is soothing to me, and i hope i can carry on doing so for a very long time. i normally write about the warriors series, hence it being one of my most favorited communities. i mainly write about my oc nightclaw, and when i'm not writing about him, i'm taking requests from other people who enjoy the same things i do! who knows, maybe i'll open up requests on here as well!

    i find it sad to say that this is no longer the community i'm most active in. neither is minecraft, while i'm at it. i am mostly on another app called the warriors amino, where i can have fun with other users who adore the warriors series as much as i do. i currently go by the name "night". (this is in no way an advertisement.)

    but yeah! hopefully that clears some things up about what happened to my profile and why i deleted every single comment on my wall. i just felt like starting fresh, you know?


    you may have noticed some things about me now that i've changed. i'll point out the most obvious things for you.

    -~- i now prominently type in lowercase letters. i just find typing like this simpler and much more casual than capitalizing words. although this is the case, i will not be following this case in any of my literature pieces, since i'm always striving to improve my writing with every word i type.

    -~- actions are marked with "//" instead of "*".
    i.e. //jumps
    it's just something i've grown really used to, since most of my friends and i now illiterately roleplay using this marker. i just find it much more fun to use than the boring asterisk.

    -~- i'm now much more open about myself. normally i only shared things that i thought people could figure out easily, but now i realized that, hey, people are going to find out anyway, and this community accepts me for who i am, so why not just let people know who i really am? you can go ahead and ask questions, but don't make them too personal. i have my limits.

    -~- i may be posting some stories here soon. i have gotten much more used to typing up things for others to enjoy on the amino, so i might start doing such here. it's not a guarantee, though.


    so there you have it! a little more about night. hopefully you all have a great rest of the day, and i hope to see all of you around one day! <3


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