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    Hi there my name is 7jd a minecraft player. I have been playing this wonderful game for about 6 years now. Over this time ive owned multiple accounts and played with so many wonderful people. Originally i started with playing singleplayer then moved on to multiplayer and played factions. After an exciting few years of factions while staffing on and off on servers i settled down and became staff on ostia a factions/skyblock server where i was mod for multiple years. After resigning on ostia i moved over to paradise and managed the staff team and forums. But enough about mc you came here to meet me. I am a 17 year old living in america that enjoys singing, sports, and caring for the kids i work with. I work as a coach and instructor to help kids with school work and just generally hope them achieve success. I also enjoy hanging out with friends and meeting amazing new people on the internet. Some of my best friends i met on discord and i know it sounds sad but im just happy i have this app to help me communicate with others.