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    Murder is a game in which one person gets chosen to be the murderer, and everyone else must find out who this person is, before they are killed.

    How to get there
    1. Click on the compass (Quick Warp) in your inventory.

    2. Click on the redstone dust in the quick warp menu.

    3. Click on a sign that says Play.

    The lobby
    The first item in your hotbar is the the How To Play item. It is recommended to read before you start playing to know all the rules and aim of the game.


    The second item in your hotbar is the Select Equipment item.


    From there you can select your Armor, Hat, and Weapon. When you have selected a cosmetic you will be wearing it for every game.

    The third item in your hotbar is the Store item.


    Clicking on it will show you the cosmetics which you have not already purchased and how many points you have to spend. Hovering over each item will show you the cost and requirement for that particular cosmetic.


    The next item is the Murder Stats Head.


    Clicking on this will show you your stats in murder.​


    The final item in your hotbar is used to leave the game.


    How to play - Bystander
    Upon joining the game you will be presented with either of these messages, which tell you that you are a bystander.
    As a bystander, it is your job to kill the murderer. The only way to do this is to shoot them with the gun. If you start with a gun, great! Just look out for someone who is sprinting or holding a sword. Otherwise, you will need to obtain a gun.

    You can do this by finding emeralds on the ground scattered across the map. When you pick up an emerald you will get a message in chat, which tells you how many more emeralds you will need before you can get a gun.
    Be very careful! If you shoot someone who is innocent, you will be blinded and drop your gun, for someone else to pick up. You will also lose some karma. See the karma section for more information about the karma system.

    How to play - Murderer
    Upon joining a game, if you are presented with this message and you have a knife (sword) in your inventory, you are the murderer!
    It is your job to go around killing everyone else in the game, without being killed yourself. You will have to be sneaky and devious. You are the only person in the game who is able to sprint, so use this to your advantage, but don't give yourself away!

    As the murderer you are able to switch identities with someone you have killed. This can be useful if someone calls you out.
    Just shift right click while holding the magenta dye in your hand, while standing over a dead body, to switch identities with that body.
    Unless someone noticed you do this, you will be able to walk around unnoticed again.

    You are able to throw your knife if you right click it. If you aren't able to pick up your knife again, you will automatically get it back after 20 seconds.

    Collecting 5 emeralds will give you another knife.

    How to win
    Winning is simple.
    As a bystander, you need to kill the murderer.
    As the murderer, you need to kill everyone else in the game.

    Game Features
    In murder, everyone is given a secret identity so that you do not know who is who. Your secret identity is displayed on the scoreboard.
    While you are in a game, the tab list will only display the secret identities of each player who started the game with you. If a player dies or leaves the game, they will not be removed from this list, so you do not know how many players are left.
    If you haven't seen anyone for a while and someone comes around the corner, watch out! It could be just you two left in the game, which would make them the murderer (unless you are the murderer).

    At the end of a game, you will see all the real names of each user that was playing. If the murderer switched identities, it will show their last known identity.
    If you notice someone hacking, you will need to show this list along with the proof of them hacking, for any action to be able to be taken.

    If a player is AFK for any reason, after a certain amount of time they will be kicked from the game. Also, if the murderer takes too long killing everyone, the murderer will be killed. This happens a long time after the game has started and is only in place so that games don't run on forever. The murderer is given plenty of time to kill everyone, even if they act really slowly.

    Everyone starts with 0 karma. Karma is slowly gained through playing multiple games of murder. However, shooting an innocent player as a bystander will make you lose karma. If your karma drops too low, you will no longer be able to become the murderer or start with the gun, and you may even need to pick up more than 5 emeralds to get given a gun. These effects will only last while you have a very low karma, so if you bring your karma back up you will be back to normal.

    Your rank is your "skill relative to every other person who has played murder". Having a rank of 1 means you are the best murder player on the server.

    "My rank changed dramatically after a single game, why is this?"

    Ranks are calculated by a value, similar to karma, called rating. This value is hidden and calculated after each game you play. Everyone is ordered by their rating and the person with the highest rating gets rank 1, second highest rank 2, etc.

    Everyone who has played only one game gets given a rating of, lets say, 1. Now, it would be quite easy to go into a game with a rating of 1.01, and come out of it with 0.99. This would cause your rank to go from something fairly high such as 5000, to something very very low like 60000.

    If you play lots of games well and get a high rank, you will no longer be close to that rating group, and will no longer have your rank dramatically change.

    Tips and Tricks
    If you notice that there is no one around (or only one other person) and you don't quite have enough emeralds for a gun, sneaking around the place can be advantageous for you to collect those final emeralds.

    If you are the murderer, there are several different techniques you can use to try and kill everyone.

    The easiest and by far riskiest way would be to try and find the person who started with the gun as quickly as possible, kill them, then sprint around killing everyone else before they have a chance of getting a gun themselves.

    Another method is to sneak around in the "back alley" sections of the map, killing anyone who walks through them. Slowly you will pick off each player one by one. Be careful with this method, because if you take too long and someone comes along and sees you sneaking, they will assume you are the murderer and shoot you. Also if you take too long you will start having to race against time, as each murder game has a time limit.

    If you notice a group of bystanders who are staying together, with at least one of them holding a gun, throwing your knife towards them while sneaking and hidden around a corner can sometimes be a very effective way of killing them. Even if you don't manage to kill anyone. quite often someone with a gun will assume the knife came from someone else in their group, and so they will end up shooting a bystander for you. You don't need to go and pick up the knife, as you will automatically get it back 20 seconds after throwing it.
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