Murder on 4th street

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    5th August 2007

    Charlie was browsing Netflix, getting a facetime call from his sister, Amy Laurens. It was 11PM and since she was 13, he probably thought she was pranking him. She kept calling him. He silenced his phone, and went to bed.

    6th August 2007

    A call from his mother came through is phone, his phone was on hard wood so even though it was silenced he could hear it vibrate. He turned and answered the phone. '' Mum, please.. It's 7am. '' He figured she was checking on him since he was staying at his friends house. '' Charlie, Is your sister with you? '' His Mum, Sarah Johnson, said. '' Does he know anything? '' Charlie and Amy's dad, Harlow Laurens, said, on speakerphone. '' Mum, no, why would she be with me? '' Charlie said, confused. '' Because she isn't home... '' Charlie hung up the phone, putting his shoes on, running out of the door. He saw it. ' Amy Laurens MISSING 2000 dollar reward. '

    6th August 2008

    Walking miserably, Charlie saw a little girl, walking alone, he walked up towards her, thinking if he should ask her if she was lost. He kept walking, the girl reminded him of his now, 1 year missing sister. '' Aren't you going to ask? '' The girl said, stopping a few centimetres away from Charlie. She wore black leggings, and a black coat, hood on. '' Hm.. '' Charlie turned slightly. The girl pointed at the MISSING Amy Laurens poster. '' She looks like you. '' Charlie was shocked, '' Yeah, well... '' Charlie said, getting interrupted. '' Charlie Laurens? I saw you on the television. You were yelling at the police about your sister. '' Charlie kept walking. He turned around, the girl had her hand out. Charlie declined it, the girl put it back, in disappointment. '' My names Helena. '' Helena said. '' Charlie, I'm sorry but how old are you? '' '' 10. '' Helena replied. '' You shouldn't be out here on your own. '' They walked side by side. '' Where are your parents? '' Charlie said. ' Helena ' looked up, her brown eyes turned to green. Charlie ignored it, he was just hallucinating, he drank lots of coffee this morning. '' Parents, that's a bit complicated, '' She gave a nervous chuckle. '' Do you mind writing in this book? '' Helena said. '' Charlie replied with, '' Sure. ''

    He wrote in the book, '' Why'd you need me to write in it? '' He asked. She put her hands in her pocket. '' Why don't we go somewhere else..? ''

    The 21 year old and 10 year old got to Charlie's apartment, wooden panels on the floor, a basic layout. Charlie went and got 2 glasses and filled them with cold fridge water. He went to her, looking at papers on the table. He dropped one glass, '' Thank you, '' She looked up at him and smiled, taking the glass still in his hand. The papers said one by one

    He's going to get me
    ht4 teerts
    please help me
    Helena I need you
    its him mr-----

    All were signed, -Amy Laurens. '' You knew her?! '' Charlie said, '' I was in the primary part of Guest. '' Guest was the highschool they went to. It had a primary school and a nursery side. '' I would give her money if she gave me clues about my fathers murder. '' She took a sip of her water. '' She was abducted, Charlie. '' Helena put her glass down. '' Well, who's your father? '' Charlie asked. '' His name began with a H, that's all I know, We were known as the 5 H's, '' Helena said. '' Who were the other 3 H's? '' Charlie asked. '' Harley, My mother, Hazel, My little brother who passed away from a brain tumour and Hexagon, my cat. '' Helena spoke, '' Well, what's your surname, '' Charlie asked. '' I.. I never found out, '' She gave a little chuckle when she said I. Charlie got a rush of anger, He picked Helena up and yelled, '' WHERE IS MY SISTER? '' Helena kicked him in the chest, '' Get your hands off me! '' She picked up the papers and left.

    '' One shot. You blew it Charlie. ''
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