Murder On 4th Street: Learning lives

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    Disclaimer : All names picked in this series have been randomized.

    Learning lives

    Charlie's POV:

    It had been 6 months after Charlie had met Helena, and a year and a half after his sister disappeared. He went to Guest High school and new Helena was probably now in 7th Year. Knowing she knew something about her sister made him feel guilty. No matter how many times he tried to forget, he couldn't.

    During lunch period, Charlie on purposely sat a few tables away from Helena. He was quiet, he could hear his friends, Meghan, Jemma, Christopher and his girlfriend, Sophia. His friend weren't ones to care if he was sad but Sophia was a little too overprotective.

    Helena's POV:

    I can see Charlie, he doesn't know I can. I may not be smart but I sure as hell know when somebody is looking at me. I'm not telling him anything yet, It just scares me to know that I can watch Amy whenever. I can't forget what I've seen from that camera. I might think about apologizing.. What am I thinking? It was his fault, he shouldn't have even touched me.. creep.

    Passing period, it's PE now with the year 8's and year 7's. I've been wanting to tell the principal about stopping the ' Adults and college kids admiring our hard work. ' , It's just creepy! Mariam is my partner, right now we're trying to do handball. Not working out. Mariam is one of the most anti - social people in class and to be with her in PE and actually looking at how good she is at handball is pretty shocking.

    After I came into class I was told to pack my stuff away as I had to go a little earlier to go to the Doctors. I assume it's a regular check - up. Why hasn't mum told me yet? Maybe this time I'll get a peek at the sign - up for blood t- Oh god! It's blood test day! That's why! But hey, I might get a pee onto the sign - up sheet and take a look - finally! - at my surname.

    I've arrived to the Doctor's office, time to go in.

    Charlie's POV:

    Watching the YR 10's English lesson wasn't as bad. Sophia holding my arm - which felt like strangling it - wasn't as fun. As soon as we were able to go free to take a look at work I went towards a large - looking lady, sitting next to some children, she told me, ' Sorry, man. Can't see these. ' No idea what that meant but, okay. A few kids noticed that I looked like Amy, during the morning somebody actually told me! Disrespectful much? I noticed a few specific kids in English, 1 I say vandalising the school walls during lunch, repeatedly hitting it with the school PE bats, cracking the plastic - made bat and chipping the wall. Insane.
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