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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by TriggerErin (Connor), Dec 6, 2019.

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    I love the Pride tag (even though I dont have it ;-;) but its just... pride! I like it but can we get more in-depth for those really proud persons such as myself?? I would love to something like a Fluid tag (gender-fluid) or even a NonBinary tag, it would even make pronouns easier on the server. Tags like Gay, Pan, Lesbian, Queer, Bi, etc. would be great to have, aswell!

    Please take this into careful consideration, people!
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    Firstly I'd like to thank you for the suggestion, it's very much appreciated.

    Unfortunately, I will be disagreeing with you, as of now at least, for the following reasons:

    Thats a lot of tags
    I know sometimes in the past I said "the more the merrier", but this specifically would be a huge amount of tags that can be condensed into the already existing " LGBTQ+" tag. There are so many sexualities/genders that fall under this category and that'd be a huge amount of tags to cover and implement at once.

    Leaving out certain ones
    It's a bit obvious we wouldn't add every single orientation out there to a tag, because there's honestly so many out there that people conform to. But this might lead to a few people feeling left out and/or more suggestions to add another orientation. There are so many people who fall under the "+" in LGBTQ+ and we really can't add them all. We don't know the orientation of every PZ member and can't just target what orientation they are.

    Potential controversy
    As much as PZ fully supports the LGBTQ+ and have zero tolerance for homophobia and other hate speech towards the community or just hate speech in general, we really can't expect everyone on the network to support it because some people just have different beliefs. And if they're not causing harm and are being respectful, there's nothing wrong with that because that's literally just who they are. Just like how the LGBTQ+ community are who they are.

    We can't force everyone to have the same belief and we can't kick everyone out who's against it as long as they're not expressing it in a negative way. We can accommodate both. We already have two tags to celebrate them from that month [LGBTQ+ and the Pride tag] but it is a lot to add so many orientations to tags. When I say it could cause controversy, I'm talking about a bit of uncomfortableness in members who don't necessarily support LGBTQ+. As I mentioned, we already have two tags for it but adding so many more can upset people if it's constantly in their face. I know there have been people who've voiced they haven't been the happiest that it was implemented in the first place.

    As well, as much as it's easy for people to distinguish pronouns when talking about non-binary and etc. there are still a lot of people who find it hard to acknowledge and some have even ignored people's request to use their pronouns because they have a particular belief, as a result, I've seen a lot of fights occur between people against people conforming to non-binary and other genders on our own server. Obviously, it gets dealt with depending on what's going on and if it's blatant hate or a heated argument, but it has caused a lot of issues before and adding more of all these things could cause even more. Of course, you can still tell people about your gender and explain what pronouns to use, but when it's constantly in the eye of the public, some people may get annoyed.

    Newcomers also have the potential to get a bit bothered depending on their attitudes and unawareness of what type of server PZ is.

    [ ? ] Toggle emotes
    There is an existing suggestion for a way to toggle emotes, yet to be confirmed or denied, if this were to exist, people who aren't a fan of all the tags, they can toggle it.

    To some degree, this may bother them if they want to use tags but it is a possible solution

    Including more
    It would be nice to add and we could add the typically most common terms people identify as and give them a bit more than just the two tags. Or even a community vote of what tags they'd most like to see.

    Distinguish pronouns
    I don't think I need to explain this, plus you've already mentioned it.

    Overall, as much as I like this idea, I am a bit worried about what could happen. If emote toggling comes in, I'd be more a yes, but at the moment I'll be voting -1 as I feel the cons could cause a lot of issues, specifically the last one. However, if someone comes along with a stronger idea/solution that's currently in place for definite, I'm quite open to shifting vote.
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    big up my guy ryoscooo
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    When originally designing the symbols (while this is about tags, the reason still applies here), there was an idea to have various symbols representing various sexualities and genders, but we never ended up going through with it because there's no feasible way to have all available, and we'd rather avoid possibly causing issues if we don't have x symbol. That's mainly why we went for the generalised tags that we have currently, but that's not to say we wouldn't ever do them. If there was enough demand for them, we'd certainly consider adding them to the network.
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    I don't really think PZ is accommodating both. Aside from the server's/forum's general activity and update decline, one reason I've been pretty inactive around here is that it feels like even slight disagreement with the LGBTQ+ agenda is immediately labeled "hate speech" (which isn't a very clearly defined term, making it quite unhelpful in general discourse when it is used) and the topic is ordered to be dropped immediately. There are some people here who have been very disrespectful to me after I've made light comments or jokes, and it became very irritating that the "no disrespect/'hate speech'" rule seemed to apply only to those not in support of the LGBTQ+ ideals. It shoved me away from a community I used to love. I don't know if this kind of thing is still going on around here, and while I hope it isn't, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it is still happening.

    As far as the actual suggestion goes, I don't think this should be implemented because - and I'm doing my best to provide legitimate reasons lest I sound like a homophobic bigot - I think it'll result in far too many tags and colors that clog up the chat and cause confusion for new players. It isn't really possible to add "all of them" because new self-identified genders, sexualities, etc. are being invented all the time and people say that you can't put a number on it. I can imagine a lot of complaints about "my gender/sexuality/etc not being included even though everyone else's is," and I think the staff team could be doing much more important things with their time than adding a new tag every time someone either comes up with something new or points one out that isn't already in the system.