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    Hello, Everyone

    This is StripedUmbrella, I was the very first builder for this server. For those that don't know this server started as and idea between a group of friends after a server that Captain Sparklez was "creating" with someone else was going to close down. The group of friends that was made on that server decided to start working on their own server. Which Eventually became MCPZ. The very first map that was in the works... well lets just say I jokingly turned it all into TnT with world edit and gave @GamerGuts a huge headache.

    I was not a good builder by any means back then. Overtime I got better but I other then the title, there were very few things that I actual built for this server. So the title builder was mainly just there has a honorary tag due to the friendship we all shared. Often I would come and go out of the group due to my own problems.

    This message is to any of my old friends that still work on or play on this server. I checked the staff names and didn't recognize anyone so I don't even know if it is owned by the same person(s). So I'll get on with my message!

    Thanks for all the fun times we had on the server. I was not best person to be friends with. At the time I was about to graduate then graduated highschool and had no plans for my future. In all accounts I was a loser and knew it. I let this effect myself heavily and I know that some of you worried about my mental health. I am fine. Over the last few years I have moved states and gotten a new job. I no longer work at dead end restraunt jobs and am an Office Manager for a very good company. I am doing well and have grown a lot. Some of my friends were chatting about our Minecraft days and I remembered this server and remembered the good times. I got a couple of them on and showed them some of my old builds as well as some of your guy's plots that I could find. I enjoyed it a lot.

    I don't know if anyone of you will see this but I have two things to say. The first thing is I'm sorry. Sometimes I let my alcohol consumption seek onto your server that y'all were working so hard on building. Which would only cause some of you to worry even more. The second thing I would like to say is "Thank you". You took me from a dark place and always gave me a place to be at peace. So I appreciate that from the bottom of my heart.

    To end this I just wanted to say. This server is special to me because of how it was created and the memories that we had on it. I hope others can look back at something as silly as a minecraft server and see the good times and how it helped you get through maybe some bad times like it did for me.

    If you're an old friend seeing this, message me on steam "SirStriped" with a batman profile picture. If you're not an old friend, I hope the server gives you some great memories as well!
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