Memories & This server deserves some type of comeback

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May 18, 2016
I don't know lol
Hi, y'all might remember me the one and only DemonWolf_, was a helper for a little bit. Just thought I'd come back to these forums since I'm on the server right now and it's just kind of sad seeing how empty it is after seeing all the creativity put into this server.
I remember this server and it's crazy role-players but you know that was the fun of this server and murder, murder on this server has never been beaten like sorry other servers but you can't mess with the original. It was amazing being able to interact with y'all via teamspeak every saturday for karaoke, very fun. Probably should've joined the discord server at some point but you know I was too devoted to high school and now I'm in college. Jeez time flies by, I'm too old now lol.
If anyone wants to reply with some of their memories of this wonderful server I would love to read them. I hope someday whether it's via discord or this server can get everyone back on we can all enjoy the server we use to love again. I hope this server could make a resurgence some day, but if anyone wants we can all make a discord server and just play on other servers or just chill like old times but none of that cringe high school and camp roleplay that happened on mcpz lol.

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Aug 5, 2016
I played murder with some of my best friends! I agree, no server has even come close to Party Zone's version of murder, and believe me I've looked. I really wish they are able to get it back and running. I would love to see my old plots in creative mode. I'm in college now too and I think I started playing Party Zone when I was like 12? Hopefully the creators of the server will be able to find some sort of solution. For me, this was my main server I played on daily, and I would love to rejoin again.


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Apr 16, 2015
I yearn for the day.. what I would give to go back and climb the murder leaderboards one more time.
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