It's a Holly Jolly Christmas!

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    Winter is a beautiful season, with white snow covering the trees, mountains.. who holds Christmas. Speaking of which.. our first /Warp Christmas has been released!
    The Event Team has been hard at work building a magical Christmas themed warp!
    Read below for more information including fun events!

    Waddle online and log onto our creative server! Then, type /warp Christmas; you've become a penguin!

    The warp has opened on December 24, 2019, and will close January 4, 2020!

    At /warp Christmas, we've implemented a few SLEIGHING events! The warp is separated into 3 different areas, The Village, Santa's Workshop, and the Grinch's Mountain. Some of these areas are distinctly for exploring, and others include fun activities. There are two different activities; the present hunt, and the mailroom. Find how many presents Santa has lost or give your friends some gifts in the mailroom, located in Santa's workshop.

    Click the spoilers below to read more about them!

    Oh no! Santa has lost some presents, will you be able to find them?
    Find the number of presents, along with how many of each colored presents there are. The five
    different colors are... red, pink, teal, blue, and purple. There are hoppers located inside of the Grinch's Mountain, where you can drop your books, with your answers. Three players who get the correct amount of presents and colored presents get a prize!

    1st - VIP+ & 1500 Party Points
    2nd - VIP+ & 1000 Party Points
    3rd - VIP & 500 Party Points
    There are two mailrooms, one for staff and insights, and the other for players. Leave players gifts and they will receive them when the warp ends!

    If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask an Event Team Member!

    Here are the people who made this warp possible!
    Community Manager - @llatekate
    Event Team Leader - @Aluux
    Event Team Backup Leader - @kirstcn

    @Bourbon_bake | Soph

    We wish everyone a jolly time on who participates in our events! We can't wait to see you there!
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    I'm very happy to see the first Christmas Warp on PartyZone!
    Keep up the awesome building skills!
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