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    This guide will tell and show you how to log into the server and join a game.
    Note: You must be on the Java version of Minecraft - not Pocket Edition or Windows 10 Edition.
    We highly recommend using Minecraft 1.12.2 for the best experience on PartyZone.

    Step One:
    Launch Minecraft then select 'Multiplayer' from the home menu.


    Step Two:
    Select the 'Add server' button and put as the Server Address, you can make the 'Server Name' say whatever you would like. In the example the Server Name was set to "PartyZone". The important thing is to make sure the Server Address is


    Step Three:
    Now that PartyZone is added to your Multiplayer server list it is saved for future quick use. To join click the server then click the "Join Server" button.


    Step Four:
    Now that you're in the server you can travel to one of our minigames using the compass in your inventory. Select the compass in your hotbar then right click. A menu will pop up allowing you to select a minigame. When you find the minigame you want to play just click on it and you will be teleported to an area where you can join that minigame. When you teleport to a minigame you can walk into the portal and you will be automatically put into the best game for you.


    If you followed every step correctly you should be on our network and playing a game. Thanks for playing!

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