How to Handle Griefs

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    You log onto Elite Survival/Creative and see that your build/plot has been griefed, so what should you do?

    How to handle Creative griefs:
    If your plot has been griefed on creative, type /report create on your plot. It will create a report notifying moderators on Creative that your plot has been griefed. You only need to do this command once per plot. /report create also works on plots that are not claimed by you. So, if you're on a friend's plot, you can step onto it and do the /report create command.

    After you have done the command, do not attempt to fix the grief. If the grief is fixed, the griefer will not be able to be punished. Let the mod take a look at your plot, and let them make repairs.

    Note that the /report create command can be used for griefs, inappropriate builds, lag machines and AFK pools. If you have video evidence of a player doing any of the above, you can make a user report here with the evidence.

    To prevent future griefs on Creative:
    • Do not do /plot add *. It allows all players to build on your plot. Use it at your own risk.
    • Try to add minimal people to your plots. /plot remove removes players from your /plot add list.

    How to handle Elite Survival griefs:
    While Elite Survival does not have a /report command, you may notify a moderator about the grief. Just like Creative, do not attempt to fix the grief and let the moderator handle it.

    To prevent future griefs on Elite Survival:
    • Only let people you trust teleport to you.
    • Only let people you trust near your builds, farms, chests, etc.
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