How to add a profile picture with gravatar

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    How to upload a profile picture using Gravatar
    You may recognize this thread as it's been revamped from a previous version.
    1. Go on and click "Create your own Gravatar." Use the same e-mail that you used for forums. If you already have an account on Gravatar, then sign in. You'll need to confirm your e-mail if you just signed up.

    2. Click the "Add a new image" option once you've signed in or signed up.

    3. Select which uploading option you wish to choose.

    4. Crop your photo to the size of your choice.

    5. Give your image a rating.

    6. Click the image, then press confirm.
    7. Go back to your forum profile and left-click your profile picture.
    8. Instead of clicking upload, select "Use gravatar" (Make sure to have the same email in the box as the one you used for your Gravatar).

    Then you're done! It usually takes between 5 minutes to 24 hours to appear.

    If you have any questions or experiencing any issues, contact a member of staff.
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