Help! I didn't get my purchased items!

Discussion in 'Guides' started by gigosaurus, Jul 28, 2015.

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    So, you bought a rank/your name in Murder/etc. and it didn't go through. Here's a step by step guide of how to go about this.

    Step 1: Relog! Ranks are usually applied at login, so relogging should apply your rank. Purchases almost never work correctly without relogging at least once.

    Step 2: Contact support. Use the email [email protected], and include your transaction ID. This is where most people get stuck, so read carefully!
    • You should have gotten an email after purchase from [email protected], titled: "Thank you for your purchase".
    • Inside this email, various information about what you purchased, your data, and purchase information is listed.
    • Your transaction ID is among the 'Information' list and is near the bottom of the email. The email should look like this (your transaction ID will be where the red box is in this picture):
    Step 3: Please be patient while a staff member responds to your issue! It may take a little bit, and please keep in mind that there may be other people with similar problems.

    Hopefully, this is easy to understand, but if not -- feel free to ask any staff member online or in-game more questions about this system.

    Also, for Gmail users, it's possible that your email has gone to one of your subfolders within your Inbox, make sure to check all tabs of your email before declaring you did not receive your email!

    (For other email providers, there's a small chance the email will end up in spam as well).
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