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    Apr 3, 2020
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    my time has come. i love you all. i have literally been banned for no reason because i made a new account. plus, my money has gone. before i got banned my elite didn't come through. i reallyw ant a refund but im not going to ask for one because it seems mcpz is kind of down in the dumps. the players are hella rude now. whether you remember me as orchid, macaroon, chloe and max shipper, squiddy or merryshaoofka, or even dr phil. i hope y'all enjoy it here. say hi to brae if he still plays. or koragho, or even sleepy moof. it's been a long journey on the road, but my time has come now to an end. i will still be actives on here and will be writing pt 2 to survive the night on my other account. sometimes my friends will have access to this account so you might see them posting up on here, but i love y'all. bye.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.