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    Global Forum Rules

    General Rules
    • Do not disrespect other users in any way.
    • Do not flame or intentionally annoy and anger other users.
    • Post content relevant to the original thread post.
    • Only one person allowed per account, and only one account is allowed per person. You are responsible for anything that happens to your account.
    • Do not Mini-Moderate.
    • Do not create a thread that has already been created, unless that thread has gone cold. Unless your new thread is significantly improved with more details and such.
    • Do not bump a thread that has been cold for over two weeks.
    • Do not double post, posting twice in a row on the same thread.
    • You are only allowed to bump a thread once every 48 hours.
    • Do not create post, threads, etc. for the sole purpose of receiving likes, points, etc.
    • Do not spam another player with positive or neutral ratings.
    • Do not tag staff members for no reason.
    Forbidden Topics
    • Sexual, pornograpic, and any other NSFW content.
    • Revolting, frightening, or shock images/stories/websites.
    • Piracy and warez
    • In-game or forum exploits.
    • Harassment and threats.
    • Religious, political, and social issues.
    Self Promotion and Advertisement
    Only post links and videos not related to PartyZone if they are relevant to the thread or topic they are posted in, such as a video providing evidence for a ban. Creating threads about your video with a title such as "Check out my new video" or "Please give me some feedback on this" would not be allowed. Our forums are not here to make you YouTube famous by providing a method for you to advertise your videos. Referral links are self promoting and also should not be posted anywhere on the forums.​

    Size: The size of signatures can be no larger than 12 lines of text. Size restrictions are in place to prevent signatures from obstructing of the forum content.​

    Content: Your signature can not contain anything listed under the Forbidden Subject Matter section. Your signature can contain links to your social network profiles. If there are any problems with your signature you will be messaged by a moderator to change it.​

    The moderators do not have time to read every single post on the forums. If you see a post violating the rules please press the report button so the moderators can deal with the post. Do not try to punish a user for breaking the rules, for a moderator will deal with it soon enough if you report the post.​

    Why do we have rules?
    "We have rules to provide fair and equitable conditions of competition against a known standard. They also help maintain consistency, preserve and enhance content as well as community harmony." -Some Guy From the Internet​

    *Moderators reserve the right to determine whether or not you are violating the rules and edit/delete/remove posts if they feel necessary*
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