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    You may recognize sections of this thread as it's been renovated from a previous version.

    Hello everyone!

    One of many features on our forums is the ability to set a custom signature for yourself. For those of you who don't know, signatures are what come after the end of your post.

    Signatures are really great, and it's really cool seeing all the diversity and representations that each player brings to the table-- but because of the freedom in signatures we have an issue or two:
    • Firstly, I'm seeing a few signatures get a little too large and/or too long. This isn't aimed at any player in particular, but I've been watching signatures as a whole get larger over time. Big signatures are disruptive on lesser computers who struggle with running web browsers well. They also make it trickier to scroll down on threads.
    • Secondly --and this isn't as big of an issue-- signatures with 3+ animated gifs will also lag out the web browsers of some computers, and can be distracting. Please use gifs responsibly and think about others when attaching them to the end of all of your posts.
    • Signatures violating any existing rules aren't allowed, such as linking to a Youtube channel, showing explicit content and advertisements for other servers.
    Signatures are an awesome part of the PartyZone forums, but make sure not to abuse them, we want to make the experience great for everyone!

    Creating a signature on the PartyZone forums is actually very easy! Once logged in, scroll over your name in the top right corner, and click "Signature."

    Once clicked, you'll have the option to customize your signature just as you'd customize any messages posted on the forums, the text box is the same! When you're done, you can click "Save Changes"

    See? Simple! Just make sure it follows all the guidelines in the message above!
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