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    How to Find a Staff Member in Certain Situations

    I thought I would create a thread for people who don't know how the staff team operates, may not have any direct way of speaking to a staff member or simply can't find a staff member anywhere. This thread might help loads of people or nobody, we'll see!

    The best place to find a staff member is in Creative Plots or our Discord server. There are normally always staff members present in these areas as they are key points in the network. For Discord, just send them a message and they’ll be happy to help.

    Helpers are helpful for all these situations, they can gather evidence and contact a Moderator for you if one is not online.

    If you see a staff member without any rank, please do not disturb them as they are doing secret spy stuff!

    That player is hacking!

    The best way to deal with this situation would be to record them and report them via the User Reports section. However, some people don't have recording software and so you'll need to contact a staff member on the network.

    You can find out if there are any staff online by doing /staff. You then can use the /msg [username] [message] command to broadcast your distress signal. Even if they can't come to help, they will be able to send another staff member for aid.
    Make sure to have the name of the hacker as well as it is very important and you'll be asked for it.

    Alternatively, you can leave the game (with the hacker's name at hand) and search for a staff member manually. As long as you have the hacker's name, we'll be able to find them using secret spy satellites and high tech teleportation technology (it's a secret though, so keep it between us!)

    Hey, this player just said something very rude to me!

    The most important tip is that you do not respond to these messages. If you are rude back then you'll both get into trouble!

    Take a screenshot of the entire screen using Minecraft's handy F2 (or FN + F2 for some) screenshot feature. It will generate a full screenshot which is valid as evidence for a chat report. Once you do this, you can upload it to our User Reports section ( and we'll deal with it.

    If the player is continuously repeating the chat offence, contact an online staff member to come and have a look. However, if they leave or stop then use the method above.

    This player is cheating!

    Refer to the above section for how to deal with hackers as this follows the same principle.

    Record and report or contact staff.

    Everything is broken and I can't play on a minigame!

    If for some reason you cannot connect to one of our minigames (e.g it gives you an error) then contact an online staff member. If the problem is with Creative, please make sure it is not full or restarting (people will normally say it in chat) before contacting a staff member. To join Creative when it is full, you can purchase a Premium Rank.

    If there is a bug in a minigame but you can still connect to it, please refer to Bug Reports ( as it will go straight to our Developers.

    My Creative plot... Griefed??

    If your plot on Creative has been griefed, stand over the griefed area and do /report create. A Moderator will come as soon as possible (we're busy people). It is important that you do not repair the grief as it will destroy evidence needed to punish the person that did it. We'll repair it for you, don't worry!

    I'm banned/muted... What do I do?

    If you are banned then you have two options and following them is very important.

    If you want to know what your ban/mute means (e.g you don't understand the reason) then contact the banning/muting staff member via the forums. They will provide you with an explanation to why you were banned/muted and be able to answer your questions about the ban/mute.
    Do not use this method to appeal a ban/mute.

    If you feel you should be unbanned or unmuted then you must file an appeal. You can query the reasons for the ban/mute to a staff member but if you ask to be unbanned/unmuted you will be immediately directed to the appeals section. You will need a forums account to appeal. Click here for the link to Appeals.
    Do not ask a staff member to review your appeal as it will be immediately denied.

    Warned? What does that mean?

    A warning is issued in-game to you for committing a minor offence. It will appear in front of your face and details will be printed to you in the chat (hard to miss). Read the reason in chat and make sure that you stop doing it to prevent being punished further.

    If you're still unsure about it, you can ask the staff member via /msg [username] [message].

    Once you reach a certain amount of warnings, it becomes very serious and bad things will happen. Take warnings to heart, they're not for fun. You can appeal warnings using the method above but contacting the staff member is more reliable.

    A forum message from a staff member, they don't sound happy...

    If you receive a serious forum message from a staff member detailing that you've done something wrong, this is the forum version of an official warning. You can reply to this message if you have any questions about the warning and they are treated the same as in-game warnings.

    Read the rules provided in these warnings as they are important when using the forums. It will also prevent warnings like this from happening in the future. You can also find them by clicking here

    A staff member just abused their power in front of me...

    I'm not going to lie, this is extremely serious. If you are sure they are abusing their powers then you need to gather as much evidence as possible and file a Staff Abuse Report ( This report link is different to User Reports as the staff member will not be able to see your report, you have confidentiality.

    Alternatively, if you're not sure why a staff member did something you're welcome to ask them. However, if you are sure then use the method above. The Senior Moderation Team will review the abuse report and take action if necessary. If the abusive staff member is a Senior Moderator, contact the administrator Iruu via the forums or Discord as soon as possible.

    Someone is breaking the rules on TeamSpeak!

    Poke a staff member who is online on TeamSpeak detailing who is breaking the rules. Don't worry if the staff member is in a staff channel, they can still receive pokes (use a pointy stick).

    If there are no staff members on TeamSpeak, you can find one in-game and ask them to come online on TeamSpeak.

    If you intend to report them, you need a clear view of their profile description as it confirms their identity.

    Harieo, you're useless and didn't include my situation!

    Firstly, cri. Secondly, you're always welcome to ask a member of our wonderful staff team any questions about anything to do with the network. This can be via any platform (in-game, Discord, forums) and you'll get a response. Also, feel free to send me a private message and ask me to include an important situation if I missed it!

    The best way to get a detailed response is via Discord or the forums. From here, we have time to give you a long but detailed response!

    Thanks for reading (or at least this part)! If you have any suggestions to add to this thread, please comment them down below.

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