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Discussion in 'Build Feedback' started by Nashi, Jun 11, 2018.

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  1. Nashi

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    Hey Partiers!

    As you all probably know, the build team here on PartyZone has recently revamped five of the murder maps, including Italy, Office, Temple, Mansion, and even bringing back Blackout. We’re here today to ask your opinions on the map Mansion.


    We’d like to hear what you all have to say about Mansion! Please be as descriptive as possible, as your feedback may affect the future of our maps.

    Now here’s a few questions to jump-start your thinking process! We’ll leave your comments in the spoiler below the questions.

    Is it too large? Too small?

    Is it too complicated? Too simple?

    Is it hard to play as the bystander? How so could our build team fix this?

    Is it hard to play as the murderer? How so could our build team fix this?

    Is it easy to find your way around? Are the paths on the map defined enough?

    Do you feel it looks better than the previous map? If not, what could the build team do to fix this?

    What sorts of special features could we add? (These could be things such as the light switch in Clue)

    Is there anything else you think would improve this map?

    Responses to these questions can be found in the spoiler below
    -Dimensions are okay
    -A bit too simple
    -Playing as murderer/bystander is fine
    -Paths are defined enough
    -Original is better than revamp (how to improve: trees hidden from above, accessible roof that you can jump off and jump from tree to tree, underground path, house set to side)
    -Could add more special features, not sure though

    Now, go ahead and comment your opinions below! Feel free to discuss them, but be sure to be polite as always.​

    Thread written by @Catten and @Etgar
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  2. roseplant

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    Mansion is a map where its dimensions do not bother me, and is a bit too simple compared to its original. Playing on the map as the murderer and bystander is fine, and its paths are defined enough as well. My issue is that the original map was better compared to the revamped (in my opinion) and that the revamped version can be "fixed" by re-revamping the new map to look more like its former original (multiple trees to be hidden from above, accessable roof you can jump off of and jump tree to tree, underground path, house set to the side). Special features is something that can be cool for the map, but I currently do not have any suggestions for that (yet).

    Just wanted to say thanks for the consideration. Looking forward to what others say and what the team does. :^)
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