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    heyo!! A lot has changed since I posted on this account. I wanted to re-introduce myself.

    I'm smallsalads, and I have a lot of different interests! I wanted to list some because if there comes a day that someone reads this and realizes we have a lot in common maybe we can become friends.

    - ANIMANIACS. ugh omg I love this show so much. I'm a sucker for dad jokes and pop culture references and I personally prefer cartoons over reality tv.
    - pinky and the brain. yea lmao im that person ok I really like pinky from pinky and the brain. he's my king <3
    - im a theatre kid (if you couldn't tell) and as I'm writing this form I actually just started newsies. I'm a swing and I'm playing Pulitzer's secretary "Hannah."

    i also like rats

    ok gbye
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.