Custom Boss Battle

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    Players create custom attacks that can do between 100 and 1000 damage to the boss (you choose the output, as long as it's between 100 and 1000)

    Every 2 turns, the boss attacks. It can do 100 to 800 damage (random number generator, I will be the boss)

    I will also mark down each player's health, and when it get's to 0, you die.

    Every attack will have a random number generator turned on, 1-10, and this will decide crits, weaks and regulars. A critical hit is 9 or 10 (9 is +20%, 10 is +30%), a weak is 1 or 2 (1 is -30% and 2 is -20%) and a regular is 3-8, which neither adds or subtracts damage.

    Luck attacks: Luck attacks can have up to 1500 damage, but will have a luck roll (no crits or weaks) which determines if this works. 1-8 is a fail, and the attack damage will go back to 500. 9 or 10 will result in a succeed, and will do the damage specified. The boss can also do this, but only 10 will give a succeed, and the damage will go back to 300 if fails.

    Let the Battle Begin!
    You, the adventurers, slowly trudge ahead, into the mouth of the cave. It was made of dark stone covered in scratches, stalactites hanging down, sharpened to a point. Rotten flesh and bones were scattered about the place. Large dents in the wall, craters in the floor like something had smashed them, because something had.

    In the corner, eating away at a huge wolf carcass, was a 50ft monster. They had 4 arms, 3 small, one absolutely massive, incredibly muscular, with an index finger the size of a flagpole, with a hooked claw, that was dark red with black dots. It was called Rok, the Dark Cyclops. The last Dark Cyclops. It had one large, bulging eye in the middle of his head, with a small mouth with rows of razor-sharp teeth. The iris was grey and black, and its mouth was covered in blood.

    Health: 20,000

    Max Damage: 800

    Can perform dark magic and luck attacks. Has a red finger than has a 3 turn-cooldown but does +50% (no crits) damage with a beam of red lightning.

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    Interesting idea) thank you)