New Gametype Capture the Wool!

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by inezie, Aug 18, 2017.

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    As a child, I would constantly play a game called capture the flag! And since I've never seen any servers (that I know of) that have done this I think this would be an original game to put here! I've added some things to make it different and unique so it's not exactly how I remember it <3

    So, there are 2 teams, let's just say red and blue, and each team has a block of wool on their base. Each person has, let's say a blaze rod. If you're on the red team and someone from the blue team is on your base, you can hit them with the blaze rod and it sends them to jail. If a lot of your teammates are in jail you can run to the other base, and if you don't get caught, you can step on a pressure plate, which sends everyone in jail back to your base. You on the other hand, still have to run back without getting tagged by anyone on that team. If you get tagged, then you go to jail. The main objective of the game is to steal the other teams' wool. If you, still on the red team, steal blue teams wool you must run back to your base without getting tagged and if you do so, then you win and the game is over. If someone tags you, you go to jail and the wool gets replaced back to where it was originally. When you break the wool a message will pop up on the opposing side's team saying something like, "<Player name> stole your wool!" and everyone will be able to try to catch you before going onto your base. I'd also like to add the wool would probably take a little longer to break than wool usually should. This gives a chance for people to tag you before you break the wool.

    Ways of Winning:
    -If you tag everyone on the opposing team
    -Stealing the other wool and getting it onto your base
    -After 10-15 minutes the game will end with a tie

    There could also be some perks for this:
    -Extra speed: Gives you faster speed to run away from people. After you buy it once, you could upgrade to become faster and the number of coins needed goes up
    -Hats and armor like Murder, for looks: You'd keep the chest plate just like Murder, but you're able to buy leggings, boots, and hats to look better.
    -Ability to mine wool faster: This makes it easier to mine the wool on the opposing team so you have less chance of being tagged.

    I think the maps would be similar to Splatter but more open. Still, have a couple of turns but overall it's a symmetrical and decently sized map to play on. When I played this it was in an open field but this kind of map makes the game last longer and easier to sneak around. There would be an obvious line in the middle where you know you've crossed the base line.

    At first, I was seeing this as a big game, but looking back on it, I see how it could be a mini-game. Maybe just more of a simple and smaller map and have a more simple and quicker purpose (ex: each game is only about 5 minutes long and the wool is very easy to steal. No jail you could just spawn back to your base).

    FAQ: (For questions below that I'll edit onto this thread)
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    Mineplex has CTF.
    And sheep quest.
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    This reminds me of a similar game on another server, however this version is more unique, which I like.

    Though, instead of the game becoming a tie after 10-15 minutes, perhaps the team who had the least players going into jail should be the winners? Just a thought, but I do like this game a lot.
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