Been a hot minute, where did everybody go?

Discussion in 'General' started by TheGreenCreeper, Jun 5, 2021.

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    I used to spend a crap ton of time on here and it was always full, to be fair that was close to three years ago but I just hopped on and there's no one. What happened? I read a bit from what I could find like how the Murder & other servers weren't doing good and stuff, but outside of that I can see no further explanation other than assumptions. Which, for myself I assume it just eventually died.
    It's just, really, really, rattling to join a childhood favorite just for it to be a shadow of a memory.
    I didn't expect it to stay alive that long to be fair, but idk. I guess I was just really hoping it'd still be alive in some way or another. Gonna really miss the cringy rp's, and skin rating contests on creative

    Also, went to my old plot and 1. damn I really improved with building haha (w/redstone too lol), and 2. I have nether music on my plot for some reason which is spooky?? but It adds to the atmosphere of the server I guess.
    Btw, I'm not sure if there's a proxy/sister server that I could checkout/go to? But if there is please lmk. Even something with relative relation to this one, I'd love to check out.

    For the staff also, just- Thank you. So freaking much for making such a great, genuine server that edgy 13 year old me could be stupid one, enjoy thoroughly, and make amazing memories from.
    Being on the server while the minecraft music plays makes me so nostalgic for those years of naivety, and while even though I've grown out of it, I still wish I could experience that feeling again.

    Thank you.

    -TheGreenCreeper/Humboys (old username)​
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    Welcome back!

    To make a long story short, the server slowly broke down, and with it the player count did too. You'll see occasional bouts of activity if you look at the right times, but for now the server has a new hope in the future update that is in progress. The update is designed to get around all of the technical hurdles of the old and current server code by just going back to square one and rebuilding it to be easier to work with. With this murder returns, and the entire server is updated to more modern versions of the game. (Currently targeting 1.16.5, not sure how 1.17 will be handled right now.)

    From there, I'm sure there are more plans, but they haven't been publicly announced yet.
    For more detailed information, at the bottom of this post are some links to the public releases of info about the update. While they are few and far between, server back end stuff isn't exactly exciting content most of the time.

    Initial Announcement
    Dev log 1
    Dev log 2
    Dev log 3