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    :pz: Applying for Insights :pz:


    Insights Requirements-
    • Be active on the network and on our Discord.​
    • Must have a discord account before applying.
    • Must have a forums account before applying.
    • Behave responsibly on all PZ platforms: the forums, network and our discord.
    • Must be accepted into a sub-team: information for that is located here

    Understand That-
    • You can only apply for Insights once every month.​
    • It is required to apply for a sub-team within Insights along with your application if you are denied from the sub-team you are also denied from Insights. Once accepted, you can apply for more sub-team if you wish. Applications can be found in the #applications section of the discord once accepted.​
    • Asking a Team Leader or a Backup Leader to view your application may result in it being denied.​
    • If you are accepted to the team, you will be required to spend at least two hours a week on the network.​
    • Click here to apply!
    • The builder application is not part of the Insights application; you can apply for builder here.​
    Extra Information-
    • There is no set time to know whether your application was accepted or denied; although, it takes no more than 3 weeks.​
    • You will be messaged by a Team Leader on discord or here on the forums on whether your application has been accepted or denied.​
    If you have any problems while applying or trying to apply, contact an Insights Team Leader on Discord or here on the forums.
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