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    Insights Requirements-
    • Be active on the network and on our Discord.​
    • Must have a discord account before applying.​
    • Must have a forums account before applying.​
    • Behave responsibly on the forums, network and our discord.​
    Understand That-
    • You can only apply for Insights once every month.​
    • It is required to apply for a sub-team within Insights along with your application, as well as it is highly encouraged you attempt to apply for a sub-team again if you were denied. Applications can be found in the #applications section of the discord once accepted.​
    • Asking a Team Leader to view your application may result in it being denied.​
    • If you are accepted to the team, you will be required to spend at least two hours a week on the network.​
    • Click here to apply!
    • The builder application is not part of the Insights application; you can apply for builder here.​
    Extra Information-
    • There is no set time to know whether your application was accepted or denied; although, it takes no more than 3 weeks.​
    • Even if you’re rejected from the sub-team you applied for, you still have a chance of being in general Insights.​
    • You will be messaged by a Team Leader on discord on whether your application has been accepted or denied.
    If you have any problems while applying or trying to apply, contact an Insights Team Leader on Discord or here on the forums.
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