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Nov 29, 2015
Applying for Helper
Helper requirements -
● Have been registered on the website for at least a week
● Have at least 40 trophy points
● Be 13 or older
● Not be staff on any other competing networks (Excluding small private servers)
● Be able to download and mobilize a recording software
● Must have/be able to install and use Discord
● Must be able to join The Official PartyZone Discord
● Must have your own account

Understand that -
● You can only apply for helper every 2 months
● You can't apply for mod, mods are helpers that have been promoted
● Asking a staff member to look at your application will result in instant denial
● If you get "PartyZone - Error" it most likely means you do not fit all the requirements above
● If you are accepted you will be asked to quit any other jobs as staff on other servers
● If we think you're a good applicant, you will be asked to do an interview on Discord

Getting to the application page -
1. Go to the Applications tab at the top of forums
2. Click the green "Apply for Helper" button

Extra information -
● It will take 1-2 weeks to know whether your application was accepted or denied
● If your application is accepted, you will be contacted by a Senior Moderator via private message on the forums
● Click here to see how to get forum points
● On the right of the home page, you can see how many points you have
To get ranks on your forums account, do /link in the main lobby with the email you used to make your forum account

If it's been 2 months since you were denied and you are wanting to reapply, use this form

If you have any problems or questions while applying or trying to apply, contact a staff member in-game or on the forums.
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