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    Applying for Builder

    Builder requirements –

    ● Be at least 13 years old of age.

    ● Must have/be able to install and use Discord.

    ● Must provide several images of your past builds (Stealing builds could result in your future applications being declined).

    ● Have good flexibility for you to be able to work around time schedules and due dates.

    Understand that –

    ● Must have extreme responsibility for your maturity and information which will be given to you.

    ● Please note that if you ask any builder to view/ask about your application it will reduce your chance.

    ● If your application does get accepted you’ll need to go under a trial build to will give us more information about your talent.

    ● This position is for strict constructions towards the server and not just a rank to abuse, If we find you lacking on time and activity please understand that you’ll be removed.

    How to apply –

    Firstly, you’ll have to be logged into your forums account which will be used for your application, at the top ribbon there should be an “Applications” tab, Once on the applications page then redirect to the “Apply for Builder” button. Click on that and you should be fine to go!

    If you’re having troubles finding the applications page please click here.

    If you need any other help or information please contact @WorldEdit_ or @Kirstree

    If it has been two months since you have applied last, click here to request a reset
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