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Discussion in 'General' started by Quartets, Jul 3, 2020.

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    Hey everyone,

    Most of you probably don’t remember me. I used to be a staff member over two years ago. Ironically, I was promoted right after the helper wave, and I resigned during the resignation wave. I was feeling nostalgic, so I decided to pop on, reminisce, and give some much needed apologies.

    To start things off, wow. Things have really changed. I barely recognize anyone here, and the playerbase has gotten a lot smaller. I see a few familiar staff members on the team, and you really gotta hand it to them. I know from firsthand experience that their job is tough, and I really admire their dedication.

    Right, there are a few people that I want to thank for making my experience great (sorry in advance if I miss anyone).

    @Ashmr @chariisma @KidBit @AVenomoose : You four were really the first people I got to know well.
    Kidbit, you had some pretty amazing jokes, and I still remember that one cult you formed. You were also there for my infamous /warn mistake.
    Ash and Pin, I was really the closest to you guys, and we had some pretty good times.
    And Veno, I’d like to think we became decent friends as well.

    @Snowy : I really looked up to you. When I was accepted as a helper, you showed me the ropes and helped calm my nerves. You were a really great mentor and friend.

    Cold, Iruu, Jedijoe: It’s nice to see that you’re all still on here, and staff as well.

    Honestly speaking, I don’t think I was mature enough when I became a helper. I couldn’t handle the responsibility, and was in a pretty bad mental state in general. I felt constant pressure, and the attacks on the server at the time pushed me over the edge.

    That ultimately led to my resignation, and later led to my demotion from the media team due to server inactivity.

    After this, I left, and occasionally popped back in. However, my mental state further declined, and I left again with little warning.

    Because of this, I really need to apologize to my close friends at the time, like Ash. I don’t think you’re still active on the site, but if you read this, I am really sorry.

    Anyway, I suppose I just wanted closure with all of this. I’m in a much better place, and I’ve moved on from PartyZone. I probably won’t be back unless I’m feeling nostalgic. So, peace out
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    love you quarts <3
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