An Apology.

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Mar 14, 2017
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This is a sincere apology. Everything I say here, I mean with 100% sincerity. If you doubt it.. this probably isn't the post for you. Most likely you will get a private dm.

This... This is something I never thought I would write.

Some of you know me as Char or Charawoo (She/Her, They/Them). I go by Kai now (He/Him, They/Them). It's not a big deal.

In my time on Partyzone, I did a lot of stupid things. Things that, looking back at, were very, very, immature and rude of me.
The statuses I posted, the ways I acted, the actions I took. I got involved with drama that I had no right even getting into in the first place, I harassed and bothered people I knew had no interest in talking to me.
Everything I did, is the reason I'm writing here today.

I wanted to apologize for my actions. To everybody, including the staff team. I'll take this time to mention the people who I know I've done wrong. Well.. Most of them at least. That's all I'll say.

To @NobleProductions, @Iruu, and @llatekate - I group you three because I know there is one common issue. My behavior. My constant acting up caused me to go on the blacklist. A list I deserve to be on, and stay on. I was snarky and bullheaded. I doubted you and the staff team because I was salty over a stupid application. I'm sorry for all the issues and extra hassle I caused you. I know the staff team is under fire and doesn't need more stress.

To Jules and @HelloColdWorld - I know we didn't exactly get along. I know a main reason is because of another server. I owe you both an apology for the chaos I caused on there. I had no right to be there in the first place let alone cause mischief and misbehave. I'm sorry.

To @ABerryyy - You're someone I always had anger for. A thirst for revenge I guess. It was immature of me to keep the issue running and not leaving it behind. I didn't know how to let go, and trust me, I paid for it. I hope you can accept my apology.

To Everyone I Didn't Mention - I have private issues that I've caused. If you weren't mentioned, it's because I don't want a personal issue out in the open. You'll be dmed as soon as I get back into the Partyzone discord.

My behavior on Partyzone was completely uncalled for. I'm asking for forgiveness from everyone I've wronged and I hope I can get involved again in the community.
I'll probably be around once in a while whenever I want to build on creative, and hopefully on the discord as well.

This community was always one of my favorites, and I hope I can come back eventually.

Thank You For Your Time.
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