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Sep 10, 2017
acme labs
Helloooo! My name is smallsalads. I've been playing MCPZ for awhile now, but haven't been on for a lot of reasons. To start off this introduction, here are some things about myself. I am only a teen, but I am a professional actress. I go to open calls, and perform in shows year-round. I spend a lot of time in classes and lessons to help me improve. I also play a few instruments, I've been playing the violin for 5 years (this is my 6th), I played the ukulele as well, but I haven't been on top of that instrument lately. I play the piano as well. I quit lessons when I was younger because I hated my teacher, and I was too busy, but now I am starting back up at square one, and plan to continue to play. You may be reading this and think to yourself.. "This person has to be lying," and it sounds like a lot, and you have every right to believe that, but I am myself, and I know what is true. When I have freetime, which is really hard to come across because I'm still trying to balance out school work, I like to relax and hop on Minecraft. Please feel free to ask me any questions, and reach out to me if you need to!
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Aug 30, 2016
Ohio, USA
Hey there!

Sounds like you have a fairly interesting life. I’m really happy you’ve found success in acting, I wish I was able to do that. Recently I’ve been working at my job a lot, and with school starting up my life has been busy. I am really enjoying everything though!

Welcome back to PartyZone! The community isn’t as large as it once was, but we’re still strong. Looking forward to possibly seeing you around more! :3
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