a sad but also happy goodbye.

Discussion in 'General' started by awkwardmavis, Oct 18, 2020.

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    hey, it’s me, awkwardmavis, natlillie, mavis whatever. you might or might not know/remember me, but i was on pz quite a bit lol. i wanted to give a sad and happy goodbye to everyone if this server does go uh.. down.. yeah. by the way, i’m not the best writer so i’m sorry if this is all over the place.
    it’s every sad to see pz in the current state it’s in right now, but i’m glad it made so many people happy (including me) and have many beloved memories that might not or might stick with you forever. i know the fun and happy pz memories will always have a special place in my heart.
    i started playing pz about 6 or 5 years ago? (i never had a forms account though till later) and the moment i joined i knew i’d love this server so much. everyday when i got home from school, i’d do my hw (that’s very important btw) and then jump right on to my computer to play. i did l o t s of rp’s and mini games on creative, and played many many games of murder. abd if the people i’ve met while playing on pz throughout the 6 years of playing magically see this, i miss you and hope your doing well. i’m glad i have so many fun memories with you all.
    i remember when used to crash a lot and everyone in the lobby would spam “who took creatives soup?!!”, when /warp shrek was made, all the fun build battles and seasonal events, or when i got my first pz rank after being a default for many of my years on pz. there’s many more memories to look back on. when i do it hurts a little, but it also makes me happy that i was able to be apart of something so amazing. it hurts a lil though when i do my weekly whatever checkups on pz and see only about 2 people on instead of the 60 + per day that pz used to have. but it’s ok. it was pz’s time.
    there’s no other server like pz. it really was something special to many.
    thanks you partyzone, for all the amazing memories. i won’t forget about you.
    love, awkwardmavis :)
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