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    yo! wow, it's been a while since I've made a thread on pz, forgot what it felt like -w-
    some of you may know me as emohh, if you don't know me then that's fine too, dw. I've seen a few threads going around just about pz and what it meant to people, so I wanted to make one too!

    pz was a home to me and many others, it was a place where I was able to open up and feel comfortable with myself for the first time in a while - all the amazing people and experiences I was greeted with seriously helped with issues going on in the real world. I was given so many opportunities and I truly had the best time of my life on pz! I loved helping people, I loved the feeling of being on a team and working! I loved participating in events and playing the unique games they had at the time. there was truly never a dull moment, and I'm fortunate enough to have made some amazing friendships during my time here.
    so much has happened on pz to the point I can't even retrace them all, so many names I can and can't remember and sometimes so much drama (xd) but I have to say my most favourite thing about pz was absolutely, hands down, the community. everyone was super-duper nice and super-duper understanding! it was so easy to go on pz and just talk and play with random strangers for hours at a time and I really miss that aspect of pz. it'd be so nice to revisit a time where there were hundreds of people just playing in a friendly environment with barely any toxicity, talking in teamspeak with strangers and laughing. wonderful memories.

    i'm very grateful that I was introduced to pz, because all of these encounters and experiences wouldn't of happened, and I certainly wouldn't be the person I am today without being here, and I'm extremely appreciative of that. c:

    there are too many people I remember that had an impact on me (basically you were really cool and I either wanted to be friends/valued our friendship) so I will just list y'all - too many to write an individual description of each one ;3

    Snowy, Ralfie, Manny, Purplex, BooLoo, Kasix, Desertmeadow, Lindy, Aluux, Shadowstrife, Mineinprogress, emelieatkan, Dizzeh, Kirstree, MorphicDream, FoxGold13, Livoph, fizby, haris, Harieo, etgar, Unstitched, Corcustos, Tubbeh and everyone who ever listened to me sing on karaoke and complimented me even though it was painfully clear I was terrible, it boosted my confidence tenfold and I am extremely thankful for all of y'alls kindness. C:

    STAY SAFE Y'ALL. thank you everyone for making my experience here such a sweet and memorable one, I'm truly lucky ;w;
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    nathan ily and i wanna thank you for being nice and friendly to me even though we had an age gap. you were an inspiration for me in the early days of my art reputation and i can't thank you enough. i hope we can still be in contact and get more closer (i miss that drawpile session we had with snowy!). if you ever see me online in (that one server), hmu! thank you emo, and stay healthy.
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