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    Since Halloween is around the corner, I will then present you guys 13 SPOOKY stories in 13 days! Now cover turn out your lights, hide in a wardrobe or under your bed, and let the stories creep into your nightmares...~

    -The Drive Back Down-
    The government spent 10 million or so dollars back in the 70s to create this giant casino and theme park on this giant mountain top near the city. The mountain itself is part of a giant mountain range surrounded by greenery. Going to historical records showed that this place was a sacred ground for the native inhabitants and was also part of a few villages though most of them moved away after the 1960s economy boom. Well some people and myself thought that the land was quite cheap because of that and so the developers bought the land. The casino itself showed a variety of interests from various people and they all came here to gamble. But for them to go up the mountain, they have to either use the cable car or the small winding road that starts from a sparse region compared to the other parts of the mountain.

    Whilst most visitors prefer to ride the cable car, I myself with my husband decided to use the road instead. I've heard of accidents here in this stretch of road but there's no need to worry about these days because of technology. So in the morning, we went, the 2 hour journey went flawlessly and we arrived unscratched though the trees near the road as well as the lack of maintenance of the road made it really creepy. And also during the drive, though few cars passed us, it seems that someone or something, was following us, but I guess that was just our imagination.

    But things turned downhill in the casino. My husband and I lost a few thousand and we got drunk, like really bad. Dean even got beaten badly by a few person after he won some matches. His mouth, bleed and his knee? Bruised. Badly. We only had one or two hot dogs as dinner, and since it was late, I suggested Dean that we stay here, just for a night as driving, drunk, in a remote road in the middle of the night is just worse than getting beaten. But Dean, drunk and laid insisted us that we drive back. Dean and me, rarely fought and since he's drunk, I didn't really wanted to argue with him. So what did we do? We drove back.

    11 p.m. and we're almost half way through. Twisting and turning through the dense forest. The forest itself gave us a creepy atmosphere all through the journey, with some branches extending over the road, looking outside and you could see darkness looming behind the trees, as you don't know what are you going to expect jumping out off the forest. But we relaxed, thinking everything would be alright. How could we lose all our luck back there anyways?

    Turns out, it did. The engine broke down halfway through and it wouldn't budge. My husband then forced me to go out and seek help while he stay back. With him being really drunk and bruised, I accepted it and walked out, leaving him alone in the car with just the car lights on. I've heard that police still checks the area occasionally so I hoped and prayed for one to come but there isn't. Only walking for another 40 minutes in the dark forest alone that I finally came across a car. The driver agreed to help and he kindly drove me back.

    Sirens. I could hear sirens and i saw 2 police cars about 30 feet from my car. I got down and asked one of the officers and I was expecting him to say that someone had been hiding in his car or something like that. But, what I got from what looks like a scared officer was that she said: Don't look back. I turned around and saw a long haired woman kneeling on my car front, eating something from a ball like object. But when I look closely, it was my husband's. His body, I mean decapitated body was lying on the ground motionless and bleeding, whilst the woman was ripping flesh from my husband's head, eating it. She looked up at us with her black eyes, smiling and revealing pointy teeth and bloody flesh. She laughed. She laughed louder. She held my husband's head and circling it in the air like some sort of toy. I screamed. I ran. I got in the driver's car. We sped away. I cried. I can't believe this. This must be fake. It looked so real. It can't be. The woman screamed and laughed, loudly, uncontrollably. It was scary. I cried for help, she charged towards one of the police, but they were lucky enough to run away. Then the woman stared at me through the mirror, and smiled. And I could see my husband, in her eyes screaming for help. My life. Help.

    It's been 10 years since the incident. I now believe Dean is dead, killed my a maniac woman. On the 10th anniversary of my husband's death, I found a newspaper that must've been left by a relative or someone. On the front page, printed in bold was: Woman Decapitated Anonymously Near Remote Road. And as I ran up the attic to get the old newspaper that shows my husband's death. I noticed that a woman, long haired, black eyes was hiding behind a tree, smiling and staring at the photographer, or if it was to be more precise, she's staring at me.

    Hope you like the story! It was my first ever story made to public. Please vote and comment on how I can make it better and scarier! Thanks for reading and also, careful when driving. :)

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