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  • The reason why I like to draw is because it takes time away so quickly. you could draw a forest one minute and then a galaxy the next.
    Love and friendship is the best thing in life. remember that and don't let it go for dumb money or to be famous. you may regret very much!!!
    Percy Jackson- fight for whats right: Divergent- Never give up: Hunger games- Be true in what you believe in. they all show us something
    Be fun like Percy, Laugh like Piper, Live like Frank, Care like Hazel, Be smart like Annabeth, Lead like Jason, sAssLiKeLeOO- Pjo regerence
    The world has many flaws but you're not one of them ^-^ - lol i actually just thought of that ^^-^^
    Roses are red pizza sauce to i'll get a large and none is for you...- quote from Tris
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