Whats this? A new "forum Game"


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Dec 31, 2019
Irkutsk, Irkutsk, Russia
Time to pull an alpha chad move and get in trouble for meta-posting on a dead forum sub-section.

This game is going to bad and suck but oh well, Im bored.

[uninteresting back story] Corona mutates, nonsense, nonsense, mutations, issues, goverment hysteria, blah, blah, forced to live in a vault for the rest of your life. List 3 items you take, but then choose one of the 3 and the next person has to use that item to make progress in restoring the world.

e.i. someone lists:

And they choose glass.

So the next person may do list

Below their list they must say what they would do with the glass to help restore the word, and they pick one of their items to make the next victim use.

Rules: Do not be as broad as "food" or "water" or others, I only used it for the example.

Also, try not to do the same thing as other people with their item.

And, if your making another submission, dont use the same 3 items as your previous.

Ok time to start this xd.

My 3 Items:
Gas Mask
Seltzer Water

The person below has to use gas mask to try and repair the world

Good luck and please dont soil this, I put 5 minutes into this, I could have used it to do nothing.